Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ottawa is a lot Like Sudbury...Except Not...

I'm blogging from Ottawa.

Can't really think of much else to say...

Maybe I'll do an actual log of my day?


In today's world we (the thriving mass of teenage life) often are awake to experience the first minutes of a new day. The null time between the sunset of one day and the dawn of another. This morning I experienced these precious moments again. I was inside a blue van, amongst my family, being driven by my father to Ottawa.

1:41 AM, we drive into the driveway of our hosts. I am quickly given the role of mule. Laden with duffles, I struggle down the stairs. The next few hours are spent reading (Cardinal of the Kremlin - Tom Clancy) in bad light. Alas, sleep drapes its smothering blanket upon me, and I can no longer resist (deep, huh?).

Morning. Maybe. Might be afternoon. I am awoken by my brother who is jumping upon me and screaming as if the legions of orcs are upon us. There are orcish legions running rampant in Ottawa, don'tchaknow. Apperantly there are bagels upstairs. I wave him away and get my book. Russian facilities are much more interesting then bagels. Eventually I am ordered by my father figure to get ready for the day.

I love showers.

I arrive upstairs just in time to read more of my book and eat a hard boiled egg and a bagel. Teh nom nom's are satisfying to meh stomach! More reading.
We are leaving? A hike with our hosts you say? Coolness! We procede to Quebec. A gorgeous hike ensues with only minor dermal scrapage. We return. More reading. Now I am upon my sister's laptop, blogging away.

Point format is so much more fun to write.

Back to having conference with potential advertisers...Mr. Toeman for one...