Monday, September 27, 2010

Out of Context

Ello all!
Hope your all enjoying how active the blog has been lately... It's not too often that you see a post with More Comments then Votes! But it seems we've turned this blog into a bit of discussion board amongst ourselves.

Mostly, at any rate. Big thanks to Timmy and Anastasia for letting us know that other people still exist out there! In my mind, I am giving you both a cookie.

Anywho, I thought I should take a few minutes and stop working on Really Awesome Things, and give you all a brief recap on whats going on from my perspective of the world...
And what better way to do that then with a point form list of Out-Of-Context events and statements!

  • I watched Zombies take over the planet. 4 Times!
  • I have fallen in love!.. With the quality of Ben's HD Camera.
  • Geek's never get a break. It's like a full time job just being alive.
  • Julia Beerman is VERY afraid of the State of Nevada.
  • In Religion class, we discovered that there are more Jedi Knights then Scientologists in Canada.
  • Nolan likes to chase Foxes. Mike Wright likes to chase people who are chasing Foxes. We all like to laugh at both of them for being idiots.
  • My social level has increased by 1! I am now 85% more likely to apply the effect "inspire boredom" instead of my old 98% chance of casting: "cause revulsion" (Next level, I gain the "Salvage Conversation" ability! I can't wait!)

Oh! And just to appease Joel by speaking in his language, here's a youtube Video!
Anybody who was at the RE marathon might enjoy this:


  1. Next time i see you mike, ill be expecting my cookie.


  2. I find it totally awesome there is more Jedi Knights then Scientologists
    The force is strong with this country apparently..
    Good post Mike :)

  3. You're welcome and thanks for the cookie. Is it chocolate chip? My mind can't tell.