Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Polls make me smile inside!

Greetings one and all! Welcome back to the one place on earth that dares to answer those deep, dark questions that pervades the soul of every man, woman and alien hybrid in the ENTIRE WORLD... I welcome you to this weeks episode of Poll recounts! Returned from the grave like the reanimated corpse of everybody's favorite president.

(Where is that guy anyway?)

Anyway! Moving right along... We find ourselves with yet another week ending in a tie! Here's the results:

  • Timothy the Ipad - 3 Votes (12%)
  • Timothy goes to School - 3 Votes (12%)
  • Bible Timothy - 9 Votes (36%)
  • Timothy Black - 9 Votes (36%)
  • Timothy Dalton - 1 Vote (4%) 

Aaand, as per tradition, here's the facts we can gather from it.

  • The people who read this blog are too young to have seen many James Bond movies.
  • Timothy the Ipad gets no Love. This makes him sad inside... (He told me so.)
  • I officially have the "Timothy Goes to School" song stuck in my head.
  • Timothy Black and the Biblical Timothy are equally popular! Does this mean that there's a cult of Timmy worshipers out there?
  • It's really just sad that Ipad Timothy got the same number of votes as a cartoon character.

And there you have it folks! Join us next time for our first ever serious poll!

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