Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still in Ottawa...STILL

Today is Sunday.

Sunday in Ottawa is the day where we go to Rideauview Bible Chapel.

It was a good time.

Also, Joel, your grandma is AWESOME!

Yes, I was talking with the grandmother of our beloved blogger, Joel Black.

She is really Awesome.

I'm trying to break out of point format.

AND SO! Paragraph format takes over. Carefully worded walls of text will replace the comical points of Awesome. No longer will there be spaces between the sentences of epic. No longer will there be topic changes so sudden that even Michael Wright can't keep up! No longer will the forces of oppression persecute us without the consequences they so deserve! Today they will experience consequence in its full, dreadful form. We will render their debts paid. Paid with their blood and pain!


Back to point format?



Only the mentally scarring ravings of a rebel leader, inspiring the masses to rise up against the murderers who hide under the pretext of saviors.

Why did I just picture myself in the streets of Moscow, flaying KGB officers in public...

We must put down such anti-communist thoughts. I need a flaying knife and a sensory repression chamber. And maybe a waterboard...

It would be pretty difficult to flay someone. It's not like peeling a banana...I mean it's all attatced to soft tissue. You would need a really sharp knife and a lot of dedicated practice.

Why did I just picture myself in the camp of a Iroquois tribe...

iPod Nanos are ftw.

I must say, paragraph form allows me to be more expressive. Eloquence can be a beautiful thing. It also can be a shallow thing. A mere cover for a deeper evil or pettiness. A golden tongue may appeal to the senses but, with all gold, it will poison you after prolonged exposure. One doesn't have to be wise or even intelligent to be eloquent. All they need is the ability to remember rules and long words. Therefore, you can never judge an individual from their speech or dress. Just because their words are laced with splendor, doesn't mean that their hearts aren't laced with venom.

Or something like that...

Chocolate coat your words because some people are lactose intolerant and you can be really annoying to them because chocolate has milk in it which has lactose in it so that means they'll spend the next two hours sitting on a toilet hating either A) their deffective genes or B) you.

Most likely B.

My brother is planning on stealing my dear sister's laptop so that he may play a meaningless game involving small stuffed animals.

Actually, the game is pretty Awesome.


But I'm a man with Awesome facial hair so I don't think so. Right?


Tom Clancy is Awesome. I'm just projecting random thoughts into cyberspace for your enjoyment/amusement/pain.