Friday, September 24, 2010

To All The Blog Readers In The Nation

I stole Dan Johns MSN name, but really. This post is about getting our blog readers involved. If you read this post comment on it. even if you just read like half of it, just say anything or say nothing, if you don't have a google account comment as "anonymous" and then you can sign your name after your comment so we know who it is. Unless you don't want us to know that information.
This probably will fail, but its worth a try.

Our blog readers need to be more involved, I want YOU to take a step in making this blog famous. Remember, it's not the writers who make it famous, its the readers. So next time you see any post you like, comment on it. Comment on how it's written, what it's about, and what your view is on the topic.

As well as challenging the readers I also challenge my fellow writers. Our post topics must be reader friendly. To do this we must relate our topics to our readers. Get the readers involved in your posts, ask questions and demand answers!

Readers again I encourage you to respond, make a code or nickname and respond to our posts, we wait for comments so we can respond back!

If you don't know how to comment, just click on the title of the blog post and scroll down.