Monday, September 27, 2010


So last thursday I went to a TO TELL concert! And he asked for a last name, and so I gave him mine, and he sang about the BLACKS! It was pretty Epic. The singer seemed to enjoy me and Thomas Vezina's dancing skills. Yeah we're pretty professional.

It was the second time seeing them in concert and he asked if anyone ever saw them in concert, and last time I had blindfolded him for a blind piano playing stunt he does. So I thought it would be smart to yell out "I BLINDFOLDED YOU!" Awkwardness. But he laughed and said "that wooon't be happening tonight" in a sketchy voice, because he did the stunt later in the show.

Their a band from London Ontario check them out here.

Also Check out the Levi denbok Band! The lead singer goes to Bible College with Beatrice!

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