Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Transports can be Hazardous to your health!

Nolan is Back in the house!

I am about to tell you about my adventure while walking home from work this afternoon!

I'll start by telling you about all the cool treasure I found!

  • Hub Cap
  • Garbage from A&W
  • Chuck Norris' Wallet
  • A shoe
  • A Gofer, at least it used to be a Gofer
  • A pair of pants
  • Garbage from Wendy's
  • A PAIR of shoes
  • A 2D Squirrel
  • Wings from the Gull of the Sea
  • Empty Booze Cans\Bottles
  • A guy on a bike
  • rubber glove
  • rubber boots

If I would have stopped to pick up all that stuff I could have sold it on ebay and made Millions!

Anyways as I was walking the last stretch of road before I got to my house I was texting, and I was texting some more... Then I looked up! And to my horror! I saw this giant mass of metal flying towards me!

HE WAS IN MY LANE, And I wasn't on the road, Thus saying he was also not on the road! But I stepped off the side and watched my death go flying by. But if I hadn't stepped to the side I would no longer have a life!

Well that is my adventure I hope you all enjoyed it!

Nolan Out!

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