Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Okay guys!

I have just found out that I'm VERY much in love.

Yes it has dawned on me on this wonderful Sunday.

Seems quaint that I fall in love on a Sunday.

Not sure why it's quaint, it just is!

Friends, Fellow Frogs and Foes, I am in love with none other then -DrumRoll- Starcraft!

Now I know it was only the 1st Starcraft and all but who cares. Oh! For the people out there that don't know what Starcraft is, GO THE HECK AND GET IT! I have also found out that I suck at Starcraft. If I were Korean I would probably win all the time, But hence I am not, so I lose all the time!


Mom and sisters just got home from camp and the 1st thing my 5 year old sister told me when she got home was the delightful story about how they ran over a Porcupine...

Dear Dr. Phil
Yes we do torture small animals! No we don't smoke! Oh, and before I forget Dr. Phil, if you see Jack black tell him I would like 6 Chicken Nuggets but to throw 2 away I'm trying watching my figure! I love you man!

Yes I know you don't understand that last paragraph but it is kinda a result of us soundboard prank calling people last night. We are going to post some videos of us doing it so you'll get a glimpse of what we do on Saturday nights!

Well that's all I got!

Nolan Out!

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