Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Drives and Free Candy

I went on a road trip to Timmins, and since most of are readers are from Timmins, you most likely already knew this!
Driving for 3 and a half hours isn't really a long drive but come on I am like super hyper and all I could do is sit there and steer...!

Things I did to keep my self Entertained:
1. Screamed, Like Hardcore Scream! Kinda like a Barbarian or something along those lines!
2. Sang, I just got the new Taylor Swift album! And if you haven't got it yet it makes you a bad person
3. Cried, Seriously I forced myself to cry because it started snowing! I HATE SNOW!
4. Talked To Myself, I'm weird like that!
5. I stopped at the watershed truck stop! TRUCK STOPS FTW!
6. And last but not least I ate McDoubles to keep myself awake!


Sorry! Sudden out burst, but our house keeps getting strange midgets dressed up as random things knocking on my door asking for candy!

Halloween: A time of year were little kids dress up and walk around neighborhoods asking for candy from strangers(A.K.A Pedophile Day!)?!

Halloween: A time of year where teemagers eat are they younger siblings candy and regret it the next day because they break out?!

Halloween: A time of year when parents let there kids dress up as dead people, murderers and other things that are inappropriate!?

Halloween: A time of year when Parents buy candy for everyone else's kids?!

Halloween: A time of year when you decorate your house like a grave yard!?

Halloween: A time of year where you can get Free Candy!


Nolan Out!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning The Social Graces... WITH MIKE!


Give it some time to load... Also: Sorry Iphone people, but this post was made in flash!

The Day After.

So you know those days, or should I say nights. When you stay up to a ridiculous hour just hangin out? Yeah you know! Well they are awesome! Aha another thing that is awesome, the day after. Now this all depends on what you have going on the next day. For those that have to get up and work *blegh* sucks to be you! However, for some people such as me, its a sleep in until noon then get up and do nothing all day.

Nothing to do all day = unproductive day.

Unproductive day + a lot of movies and video games = awesome :D

Plus its a Saturday, can't go wrong with a Saturday.

I might also add tomorrow is Halloween....this is bad for me...why? Well because I live in a neighborhood swarming with small children. This means:

a. a lot of small children knocking on my door in a continuous wave for several hours

b. Those small children asking for candy, a lot of candy

c. me not having any candy, and getting beaten by the small children.

However, I have a solution to this problem. Not be home!!
That's right I need to leave home for tomorrow night, I need somewhere to go for Sunday night. Or I shall shall surely be killed.

to everyone else out there, good luck!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Awesome Bloger?

So due the lack of inactivity of several of the bloggers *coughjoelcoughNathanaelcough* and the fact that several people have implicated that a female blogger would be a great addition to the team. I would like to present Adelle Simard.

A little about myself....

The name is Adelle Simard. I was born in the cold month of January (I'm sure I warmed up everyone's hearts). Apparently I was a good little baby; didn't cry too much, and was extremely cute! I was home schooled all through my life, though, I did dabble a little in the "public" world. Ever since I can remember I loved to draw, make crafts, and anything else that was artsy. Of course I grew up, and my talent grew up along with me. I would like to go into drawing professionally someday. A few of my favorite things are God, family, sweets, and ice cream. You give me ice cream, and you've made my day!!


Speaking my thoughts clearly can be so difficult for me. All the thoughts sound great when they are all up in my mind. It is not like I don’t think before I speak. But somehow, when the words come out through my mouth, they come out all wrong. Sometimes I try to compliment on one of my gal’s outfit, but it comes out as an insult instead. And I try to fix the insult by talking more, trying to explain myself, but I end up making it worse. My thoughts don’t always come out the way I plan them to.

But putting my thought on a piece of paper is a whole different matter. Its like, when the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth, they come off my fingers instead. And I’m not just speaking about letters on a page, but about pictures as well. When I feel sad or mad, I can’t always express those emotions or thoughts through simple words. Sometimes… I need something a little deeper… A little stronger.

Drawing for me is like escaping to a different world. It’s like reading a book, and being taken away to whatever stories it tells. But instead of following a certain story line, I create the path. I can be anything, anywhere, and at anytime. I only need but to think of it. Any mistake I make is not irreversible. I can erase the problem and start again, like a brand new start. Drawing is my little place.

It is not always butterflies and rainbows in my little world. Everyone has their up and down days. And my emotions usually show through my drawings. You can tell when I had a hard day, or a really great day. The pictures are tied to my heart, and always mean something. It is my way to share to the world. They are not just drawings; they are symbols of my life, my thoughts, dreams, and personality. They are me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How The Blog ended WW2.


Sthe Cops hate me!

So as of now
Like right now!
The Cops must hate me!
Either that or Nerf is more Dangerous that I thought!
Hehe! There is a story there but I wont tell you what it is!
Maybe some other time.

I'm using this to my advantage
Don't finish the story and people come back
People come back
And we have readers...

Nolan Out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hello friends and neighbors! Welcome once again to yet another exciting week with Mike at the polls! I'm your host, Mike Daoust, and I am a complete Idiot.

Last week we looked at the political side of Canada and the important opinions of our readers outlook on the future. But before we look at the results of this poll, let me relate to you all a ABSOLUTELY TRUE story about last weeks poll...

I was sitting in my apartment one day, pretending to work on my religion essay whilst chatting to people on the interwebs, when all of a sudden the weirdest thing happened... A tear in time and space exploded around me! And then a much older version of myself stumbled forth onto the apartment's ugly red carpet! This was the fourth strangest thing that's happened to me all week!
He was out cold, and I tried to revive him with smelling salts, but then I realized that he's me, and he cant smell. So I just slapped him really hard, and that seemed to do the trick.
Unfortunately, it looked like my future self's experiments in time travel were a bit of a failure, because he was dissolving into the carpet. But! on the bright side: His wicked-sick time travel suit was still intact!
"You must use my work to explore the future..." Said he, in a dissolvy type voice (You would have needed to have been there.) 
"Also! Beware the rowbawwt Aillleanzz" He managed to say, before his face became the carpet. (It looks much uglier now, thanks to him!)
Personally, I don't know what a "rowbawwt Aillleanzzz" is, and besides, I wasn't really paying any attention because I was busy taking his suit for myself.

So now armed as a time traveler, I transported myself 25 years into the Future, and discovered all kinds of things! Some of them so dark, that I hesitate to post them here...
  • Nintendo has launched their new console, which apparently is even easier to use than the Wii! They gave up making games that some people might find too hard to play... And so now all Nintendo games just play themselves! IT DOSENT EVEN NEED A CONTROLLER!
  • Justin Bieber is now a middle aged homeless drunk in San Francisco, who wanders from trash can to trash can looking for old fries and vodka.
  • The Blog conquered Quebec without a fight. All we had to do was threaten to punch their puppies, and they surrendered. We are now working on building a force of 2 tanks and 3 dozen men, which we figure will amount to 2-3 times the forces of the Canadian Military.
  • South Korea has been renamed Blizzland
  • Scientists have begun down the path of making females obsolete. Cloning and Robots that make Sandwiches for us, will soon have girls replaced completely.
  • I stopped an invasion of Space Dwarfs. Twice.

 Soon however, the suit began to make a ton of beeping noises, so I had to go back to the present... But It was a nice diversion for a bit! 

Now then, how about we get back to that poll? 

America will become Lower Saskatchewan - 4 Votes (17%)
Jesse Fontaine will lead us to a new Scientific Era - 5 Votes (21%)
Quebec will be conquered by the Blog - 4 Votes (17%)
Jedi Knight will become the State Religion - 0 Votes (0%)
Nolan will still be a loser - 7 Votes (29%)
Communist Takeover - 4 Votes (17%)

  • Jedi Knight remains unpopular, sadly.
  • Nolan's Parents will probably be dealing with him at home for a long time yet.
  • Quebec people are mostly Pussies, and we would probably only need to send Ben.
  • If I wrote this poll in the 70s, it may have been taken seriously. And that's kinda sad.

Well, Until next time folks!


Okay so I was just sitting around try to think of some of the most masculine things I could think of Here are the Top 14 I came up with:

1. Guns
Like there is nothing more manly then a gun. Big guns, little guns, rocket launchers, shot guns, Bow & Arrows. if it shoots stuff it's manly!

2. Beards
What is the 1st thing that goes through your mind when you see a guy with a beard, "Whoa! Don't mess with that guy he has a beard he could own me" you all know you say that in your heads!

3. Sports
Playing or Watching its always something manly to do with the guys.
"Sports" that don't qualify as a Sport:
  • Curling
  • Darts
  • Chess
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Figure Skating
  • Any "sport" were physical contact is not encouraged

4. Trucks
If you own a vehicle that you can take off road or mud bogging this vehicle makes you Manly, Also if you have a car that has an engine that is around the same size as a trucks engine it also make you manly, as long as you drive like a pro!

5. Explosions
Loud, Destructive, Demolition, C4, Dynamite, Blasting Caps, Diarrhea... Should I list more?

6. Chuck Norris

'Nuff Said!

7. Fighting
Fighting. Men fight, we don't even need a reason, we just do. It is just part of being a manly man! But some times we do have a reason, maybe you stole our girl friend, maybe you stole my food, maybe you scratched my truck, what ever the reason is a good punch to the face and then we will be friends again, us guys aren't always good at holding grudges, Plus Fighting is SO much more fun and faster!

8. Video Games
Video games are a vital part of any guys healthy life style, we all need a good few hours where we can just turn are brains to mush!

9. Getting Dirty

Any man not willing to get dirty or sweaty or muddy isn't deserving of the title of "Man"

10. Fatty Foods
McDonald, A&W, KFC, Wendys, Burger King, Buffets, the list goes on and on and on!

11. Old Spice

12. Weapons

This Picture is just oozing with Masculinity!

13. Tools
Out of the wide rage of tools out there, there is one tool that rises above all the other, The Hammer! As guys it is are duty to break tings, not to mention it is really fun to break things, and there is no greater tool then a hammer for the job of breaking stuff!

14. Working Out

Working out has to be one of the most manly activity's on the earth. It is a time to show other men who is the strongest and to impress the Lady types with big Muscles and jacked abs!

Well thats all Nolan has for all of you today!
Nolan Out!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Sooo it has come to my attention that my previous video may have actually offended some people. (Don't worry not seriously) Either way I am sorry, its all a joke and meant in good fun :)

Please enjoy, and leave a comment on ways you think I could improve or some new ideas

Them people

Long time no talk right? So I've been busy........

Not really I'm just really lazy.

But then it appears that everyone else has been slacking as well!

Oh well time to break out the whip I guess! snap! snap!

So for the last few weeks in my English class we have been doing stuff on making a resume, job searches and all that jazz. However, last week was somewhat different. Instead of writing something out we had to do fake interviews. Oddly enough we weren't being marked on how well we did as the interviewee , but as the interviewer. Odd right? Anyway, we had a group of four and interviewed a couple classmates. Turns out I'm a great employer! That's right if I become your boss I will be good at hiring people......of course I probably suck at getting a Job sooooo I guess my skills are pointless. RATS!!!

I swear some of the things you learn in school are as useful as a can of mace in a zombie outbreak. (note: mace does not work on zombies)

Anyway, someone go and shoot the other bloggers unless you already did....and that's why they arn't posting. If that's the case, you suck and should be put in a cage with Justin Bieber!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010



Unless of course you are an insomniac and you want to fall asleep. Like seriously NOTHING happens.

Well so far this weekend I have had a blast. Went to a Halloween party, I was a 50's Gangster/Mafia/Stalker/Bank Robber person... Yeah it was the best costume I could get with out havening to get a real costume, Baha! I hate dressing up, it is just annoying!

I hate dressing up. Even for weddings, like suits are from the Devil, well okay maybe not from the Devil but they are really stupid and uncomfortable!

Almost as uncomfortable as jumping off a chair lift and getting eating by wolves! And that is pretty freaking uncomfortable!

I don't wanna get married for the one fact, I have to wear a Tux... *blegh*

Well I guess... I could... Dress up... Mayyyybe... for that special someone! If you catch my drift!

But the weekend has been awesome I reconnected with some old friends and just had a good time! Also NEVER WATCH FROZEN! It is the lamest movie ever!

Well this is all I got for you guys today!

Nolan Out!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So Yeah...

I was going to make a Big long post
But then I got lazy and decided to not
Plus people have short attention spans
And you can't keep someones attention for more then 10 Seconds
Unless you have something super interesting

So I am not going to make a big long post
Instead I am going to make a short one
So then I will have time to go watch "No Ordinary Family"
Great new TV show by the way, or at least it has been

Oh here are some really dumb facts I found to hold you over till the next post
Wich will most likely be by me, with a slim chance of Mike
Because it seems like everyone else has died
I hope it wasn't painful.

Anyways here are those facts I promised:

  • The president and CEO of McDonald’s never graduated from college. See there is hope for me
  • A group of crows is called a “murder.” That scares me!
  • The average office desk has 400 TIMES more bacteria than a toilet. Potty Humor!
  • Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 2 minutes. YouTube it, It's True!
  • Cat pee glows under a black light. Just like Nathanael's Mustache!
  • The song “I Want You” by the Beatles is almost 8 minutes long but only 14 different words are sung. Talk about Annoying!
  • Japan is distributing iPads to its sumo wrestlers because cell phones are too small for their hands. I don't know if it's true but it made me laugh!

So now go and share this wealth of Knowledge with the WORLD!

Nolan Out!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Timmy Tuesday 5 (October, 20, 2010)



Good news everyone!

Every Wednesday at school I am given the unique pleasure of taking a 3 hour long course, from 7 to 10 PM. It's full of such exciting things! We talk about money... And listen to a cross-eyed professor... And look at graphs... And then talk about money... And then we talk about money some more!
And after that's all done, we get to talk about money!

But wait... I can see how exciteded and envious you are now, but try to keep your bowels inside of you for just a bit longer, becuse it gets better!
Today... I will be narrarating the ENTIRE CLASS to you!

Test results are back! Why doesn't a theme song play when we go up to the front to get our marks? That would make everything pretty much way more amazing. I'd imagine it to be some kind of horrible childrens theme like from Dora the Explorer or something.

Also! I got 96% on the test! The other 4% wasn't worth getting anyway (I'm racist against marks... Is that being a Marxist? Because that's a good thing I think.)

Man writing this is distracting. But it must be done!

Recap, review, and assignments!
It's like saying... "Oh hey, here's a break for you! Go take some time off... HA! Just kidding! Had you going there didn't I? Really, were just going to give you lots of work to do over your break to make up for all the school you missed."

Oh uhm, now he's talking about elastics.
No wait... Uhm, elasticity!
Now he mentioned something about soup and crackers...
Maybe... I should pay attention? He is talking about food afterall...
I'll update you every half hour!

Quote of the night!
"We measure employees the same way we would measure an inanimate object, such as sand or dirt"
I love my Professor sometimes... Then I realize that he's serious and nobodies laughing.

I got to sound real important in class! We were comparing Marginal Product graphs to the total product parent graphs, and I noticed that it looked a lot like the marginal graphs were a derivative of the total cost! I asked the prof if this was the case, and he was just like... "Oh! So it is!" and we moved on.
Man... It's nice to not feel like a complete idiot every now and then...
Then I remember that I really am a complete idiot.

Cost-Benefit Principle...
Marginal Revenue...
Delta R over Delta L...
Sleeping... Also... Tacos...
Mmmmmm, Tacos...
I can haz Tacos?


There! If you were just scrolling through, that should have grabbed your attention. Do you realize how important it is to pay attention? I mean, what if all I did in class was sit here and write horribly long blog posts? Imagine what my grade would be! What If everybody did that!
We would have so many blogs that the Internet would asplode! And that is NOT A GOOD THING.
So, logically, if you pay attention to my posts... the internet won't explode in your face!

A GIRL IS SPEAKING TO ME OVER FACEBOOK CHAT! Quick! What do I do? How does one handle this situation? It's all too much!
I've got it! Let's pretend I'm responsible and tell her I'm in class and can't talk!
Crisis Averted!

And now a gleaming Ray of sunlight penetrates this gloomy classroom! I learn that class is ending at 9:30 today! Happy days and Jubilations!

You can now stop reading this strange result of classroom boredom of a blog post, and go about your normal life! Congrats!
Now will somebody please get me a Taco?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Achievement Level 2

Hey Here are the Achievement's for October-November

So here they are:

1. Fruit Flys? - Drop a Water Melon from a roof of a TALL building.
2. Kart Koster - Get a Shopping cart, Ride it down a hill.
3. Hoser Poser - Take a Video of yourself standing in an epic pose.
4. Fast Food Buffet - go to 3 different fast food restaurants buy a combo, bring home, eat all three.
5. MonkeyFace - Climb A Tall Tree.

So there you have it! Now Go fourth and Complete!

Also You can still go back and do the old ones if you'd like!
Click Here For Old List of Achievements

Another thing if you have any achievements you'd like ME to do just leave a comment and if they seem possible or reasonable, I'll do it, Maybe, Doesn't hurt to try!

Anyways Thats All

Nolan Out!


You actually really don't want to watch this new video.

Hey all! Sorry about the delay, but here's the reader entries for last month's achievements!

Well, it may not be much for entertainment, but maybe this video will cure your insomnia!


Once again it's that time of the week! Sit back, hold on to your chairs and get ready because it's time to tally up th- Oh who am I kidding. You're all sick of that whole spiel by now anyway.

So let's take a break and look at some different kinds of poles!
First, we have the Polish people:
Obviously, they are a race of statisticians, who were conquered by other European nations across history for their superior analytical minds and unique proficiency at creating bar graphs. They were made famous in 1428 for the world's first ever 10,000 option poll; which was completed by every citizen in the nation state (discounting of course, the women, who were busy making bar-graph shaped sandwiches)

And then of course we have telephone poles: Who by their very shape remind us all of the importance of the Bar Graph.

Now that you all understand the importance of polls... Let's get back to business:

If one of the bloggers was secretly a Superhero, who would you guess it to be?

Nolan - 6 Votes (29%)
Ben - 8 Votes (38%)
Mike - 4 Votes (19%)
Nahtanael - 2 Votes (10%)
Joel - 1 Vote (5%)

And Ben wins out with an outstanding 2 vote lead over Nolan! Ben, we eagerly await hearing about your true alter ego (My bets are on Taximan!)

And the other things we can learn about this:
  • I spell Nathaneal's first name about as well as I spell Nate Eliott's last.
  • Joel is not special.
  • I am not a Ninja
  • A few people think that Nolan has Super Powers... However, if this was true, he would in all likelihood be a superVILLAIN, not a superHERO.
  • More people think I'm a masked Vigilante than Nathaneal and Joel combined!

Tune in next time folks when we discuss the future political state of Canada!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Okay so there was this one time....

Yeah it was Today and it was hilarious!

Have You ever seen a fully grown man cry?
Well What if the reason he was crying was because he didn't get his favorite seat on the bus?
HA! And you think that is funny part.
Well you are seriously wrong!
After he started crying, the Schizophrenic Brothers...
Yeah, seriously there both schizophrenic.
They both started laughing at him.
And not just a chuckle but like a "38-year-old-women-at-2-in-the-morning-laugh"
And yeah, they laughed for a good 15 minutes!

So that was my bus adventure of the day

But on to other News. Evey ones favorite Potato Gunner Made a new Video!

Nolan Out!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Going for that Bleep-Bloop


And just for your reference, here's this month's list of achievements that we completed in the video:

* Eat an Animal Burger from A&W.
* Jump from something more then 10 feet high.
* Have a Lightsaber battle with special Effects.
* Make your own version of the Awesome Blog logo.
* Ask a random stranger if they have read The Awesome Blog.

Sunday Afternoon!

So I am very tired and really need a nap!

There is nothing better then taking a nap on Saturday afternoon. -- This Statement is False!

The only thing better is taking a Sunday afternoon nap after playing a good Ol' Fashion game of Backyard flag football!

When the times are good and fun is had. A place where good exercise is performed and where the rules are simple: Grab the flag to stop the runner, and if all else fails tackle the person, unless said runner is female then you pretend to try to get them and let them score.

Because all us men know if we actually get the flag while they are running by with the football they will tell you that you are sexist for getting their flag!

But on to other things, like taking a nap! I really need one, and I am going to use it as a good excuses to end this post...

So with that being said!

Nolan Out!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Staying Up Latee.

Hey Everyone! Nolan Here!

I am currently sitting in Ben's basement helping Ben set up Adobe Permiere CS4. This is an expensive program. But not to fear it was worth every penny we paid for it! Just think now all of the videos we make will be more AWESOME!

It is very late, I need sleep, but who am I kidding this is the weekend, I don't sleep when I have very important and classified stuff to work on!

Nolan's Secret list of Important and classified stuff:

1. Learn How to make awesome videos
2. Don't get a mac
3. Peasants Quest
4. Watch Rhettandlink videos
5. Film More Awesome
6. Figure out release date for Awesome 2.0
Learn how to moon walk
8. Get Grocery's:
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Steroids
  • Bread
  • Moose Donuts
  • Lucky Charms
9. Get Tank Repairs
10. Walk Pet Rock
11. Feed Awesome my fish
12. Sleep?

There you have it folks thats what I plan on doing in the next few days!
Also if you are a stalker and want dates, times, and locations for my life just send me a Text!

Nolan Out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So I found this Video...

So I found this video that my brother Zach made of me from like 3ish years ago and no word of a lie it can Compete with Timmy Tuesday, like for real it is just that AWESOME!

Nolan Out!

A Blog Post of Super Awesomeness

Okay so I know some of you had bad days and other had great days, My day was average and there isn't that much to talk about right now. Also if you had a Bad day I hope this post makes it a little more Awesome Filled!

Warning Blog post Filled Pure Awesome

Ice On Fire

No Smoking Ash Tray

JalapeƱo Ice Cream

Smart Blond

Flying Sting Rays

Floating Grizzly Bear

Nolan Out!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More on Bacon


Bacon Gumballs!
Bacon Flavored Bubbles!
Bacon Mints!
"My First Bacon" Plushie!
Bacon smelling Soap!
Gummy Bacon!
Bacon... Lip Balm?
Bacon Beans!
Mmmmmvelopes, Bacon Flavored Envelopes!
Tactical Pre-Cooked Bacon!
Mr. Bacon's BIG adventure board game!
Best of all... Baconnaise!

Mans Best Friend!

I am hear to tell you all about man's best friend...


Oh how I love you Bacon! You are one of my true Loves.
From the belly of the pig you are taken, Oh Man I love you Bacon!
You come in so many different forms, crunchy, soft, cold and warm.
Even Squeezable, Boy Oh Boy, So Pleaseable.

Whoa! this stuff, really doesn't help you get Buff,
But who cares, that fact doesn't put me in despair

I would eat you all day long. You make me wanna sing a song.
So warm and crispy, Brownish an twisty.
Bacon you make my world Implode, If you left you'd cause my eyes to erode.

Well this is all I have to say about Bacon Today.
I hope you all enjoy bacon, Because it's Awesome!
Yes Awesome does rhyme with Bacon

Nolan Out!

Timmy's Fan Club


Monday, October 11, 2010

Beeeeest Weekend Ever


So the thanksgiving weekend started off roughly when I had to work till ten on the Friday night, but then I went to Jesse's and we had alot of fun on his miniature resort. I loooove saunas, except i think I bruised my eyes because they were stinging and I rubbed them so hard. Ow.

Then Saturday morning I went to a farm in Matheson to see the O'brynes. The farm was so incredibly nice, we went canoeing and just spent alot of time outside. Sometimes I forget how beautiful and relaxing nature can be. Although I love living in town I really missed country life this weekend. The weather was so nice, and the fall colors fit in perfectly. In the evening we had a giant bonfire, and I mean giant! Although I don't believe it was as big and Nolan, Brandon, and mine's fire at camp, but it was pretty high up there. There was alot of paper in the fire so the ash was falling around us like snow, it was actually super cool. We sat by the fire signing camp songs for awhile then decided to go inside. The next morning we suddenly remembered that we left the giant fire unattended!

Then Sunday everyone went to the Blouins for a fire. It was chilly out and the fire was nothing compared to the one the night before, but the good friends around warmed our hearts! hahahah jk

but yeah, it was super fun then everyone went and walked to Tim Hortons playing knock knock ginger as we went. Surprisingly it gets large groups of people places faster! As we walked through the field everyone was like falling onto the ground, it was super rivety, if thats what'd you call it?

After Tim Hortons we just stayed at Bea's till like 4:00 in the morning watching "He's just not that into you" which was really stupid ahha but it was super fun just lazing around and eating cheese crackers.

So that about sums up the weekend, all the visitors are gone and now I'm sitting on my couch in a blanket enjoying the day off! Woo!

It was such a good weeeeeeeeeeeeekend!

Giv'n Thanks

(The above title is the logical opposite of "Grab'n Pills", and thus is a L4D reference, instantly making this post more awesome.)

Your all time favorite Geek here, I just returned from the land of farm people! Man that was scary... I might tell you all about it some other time, but for now we will discuss something that won't get me in trouble with quite as many people:

Thanksgiving! The time of Thanksful Giving of Thanks!

It's the time of the year where we look back and remember all the dear turkeys that gave their lives to silly old people like "Our Forefathers", or whatever the yanks call them. Simply because they thought that killing a few dozen turkey and eating a stalk of corn or two was a good way to celebrate finding a new continent.
Man I bet the natives laughed at them from just outside of their silly little settlement.

Er wait, no, thats American Thanksgiving...

Well in that case, we celebrate being an unoriginal country who got jealous of the fact that we don't have an excuse to consume copious amounts of turkey! Go Canada!

I jest... Of course...
In all honesty, Thanksgiving is always an amazing time of the year to sit back and buck the human tendency of never being content. For once, we can just take some time to look at all the things we do have, and how amazing our lives really are when you get right down to it. And of course, the Turkey is an added bonus too.

Anyway, today this post actually has a point:

We often ask alot from God in prayer... So why don't we take the chance today to just simply thank him for what we already have! And what better way then to attempt to start a Facebook status trend at the same time!

All I ask, is for each of you who read this to take the time to go onto facebook and post:
"I thank God for *Thankful subject matter here*!"

Just to clarify, let me show you some examples of how NOT to copy that:
I thank Zeus for my wonderful Toga!
I thank God for the impending death of my little brother!
I thank God for *Thankful subject matter here*!
Dear God: Why do you allow so many turkeys to suffer?
I like fish
I think you all get the idea! Or I would hope at least.
So get to it! Show that this blog has SOME influence somewhere on the interwebs, show that you believe God is the one we should be thanking today, and express what you're thankful for... All at the same time!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Hero!

So every time Jesse makes a video it gets more and more AWESOME!

Just watch! You'll see!

Nolan Out!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thanksgiving........and FOOD!

So incase you didn't notice...its thanksgiving....what does this mean? Well I will give you the low down in several different steps:

1. Family- The time when everyone gathers together for the first time since the summer holidays. Stories are shared, laughter is had, all around a good time.

2. FOOD!!- You all know it! Food and more food. What would Thanksgiving be without tons of food? But hey its great, so perhaps we all gain a few extra pounds no big deal....unless of course those extra pounds are accompanied by the dreaded turkey gas :s

3. Couples- The time when that special someone comes home for the first time since leaving for school. For many this is the best part of the holiday....for other not so much. This is because Thanksgiving also brings the turkey dump. You know what I mean, that special someone comes home for the first time, just to tell you that they have met someone else at school. As sad as it may be, the turkey dump happens pretty frequently. Still better than an email, or heaven forbid a text!

4. Pumpkins and coats- The weather is cold, the leaves are changing, and the pumkins are everywhere. People are starting their woodstoves and fireplaces up. Mmmmmm I can smell that fall breeze now. Enjoy it! Its about to be taken over by a cold winter:(

Have a great holiday, and don't eat to much!! :)

Achievement Update!

Okay so as most of you should know today is the dead line for the Achievements. I was just thinking about it and have relized that this isn't the best weekend for them, No I am giving you more time, The New Dead Line is next week end!

Here is the list of achievements for those of you who may have missed it the 1st time:

  • Eat an Animal Burger from A&W.
  • Jump from something more then 10 feet high.
  • Have a Lightsaber battle with special Effects.
  • Make your own version of the Awesome Blog logo(Just send the picture to my email. No Youtube needed from this Achievement)
  • Ask a random stranger if they have read The Awesome Blog.

Remember you have a week to finish up any filming you need to get done!

Dear Twitter...

Dear Twitter

Over the past years I have used you faithfully, we have became close friends! I am still a little ashamed to say that I still use facebook every day and only use you every couple days. This fact makes me sad inside. But not to fear you are still way better in so many ways, like, you rarely change your look, unlike facebook who changes her look and the way she works all the time. You're simple and easy to understand, something all guys want in a girl. You have lots of famous people following you, and now I can keep up to date on people like Taylor Swift, Owl City, Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer, you can even follow our Blog on Twitter.

But I am still waiting with great anticipation for the day that every one can see how awesome you are and make an account with you! So then I can follow them as well, and then I can know what they are doing at all times of the day!

Till the next time we meet!

Nolan Out!

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Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with Rachel O'Byrne.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yeah, my Mom Reads This Blog

That's right, my mom reads this blog. That means all moms should read it. She's leadin' by example. OF course shes a HUGE fan of Timmy Tuesday.

Anyway tonight was my second shift at the gas station, and I have to say it was SOOOO much easier than the first, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing for the most part. The one thing I hate the most is the SMOKES. Seriously some people spend more on smokes then on gas, they even buy them by the carton! The hardest part is like knowing all the smokes, I'm sooo slow at finding and restocking them haha. For the most part I've got most of the things, I just need a little practice haha.

Jesse is celebrating tonight, the Leafs won a game!

Is anyone else excited for thanksgiving? I AM! The best part is cold turkey sandwhiches (timmy style) So to get you prepared for the turkey season here are some awesome turkey facts!

Adult turkeys can have 3,500 feathers. Most turkey feathers are composted. Feathers are spread out on fields, then plowed under in the spring. The feathers decompose and fertilize the soil.

Big Bird (from Sesame Street) is dressed in a costume of turkey feathers. His costume is made of nearly 4,000 white turkey feathers (dyed yellow).

Wild turkeys spend the night in trees. They roost (perch) on the branches.

A wild turkey has excellent vision and hearing. Their field of vision is about 270 degrees. This is the main reason they continue to elude some hunters.

Turkeys have heart attacks. When the Air Force was conducting test runs and breaking the sound barrier, fields of turkeys would drop dead.

turkeys are probably the ugliest animals on earth

Nolan James Sarlo Zach ate poop when he was a baby!
5 seconds ago · ·

-Witty Title About Family-

Disclamer: Seriousness (sobriety?) is not my forte but it appears to be the pattern. In other words, I'm not usually sober. Har har.

I would like to talk about family. My family to be exact. Specifically my grandmother (who I have always called Nana to avoid confusion), my grandfather (who I have always called Papa to avoid confusion as well), and my aunt (who I have always called Angela because that is her name) as well as a cousin briefly.

Papa has recently turned 80. Since he is originally from Edinborough, Scotland, he survived WW2 in a land where it had a large effect. He witnessed the first air raid on London of WW2. Life back then was something that I could never imagine.

The stories he tells are amazing and he's one of the most knowledgeable people that I know.

A strong Christian and a truly Awesome fellow.


My Nana is from Ireland and is 9 years younger then my Papa. At 71, she is more active then I am. She has more energy then I do. I always remember going to their house in Kitchener and getting fresh bread (amaaaazing. Really.) and frozen pears. Ever had frozen pears? Go have frozen pears, you. Every morning she would (and still does) get up horribly early in the morning and read her Bible. Happy memories *Smiley face emoticon*Also, she doesn't think less about the teenage masses for using technology. She's someone who knows that teenagers are weird (not me. Just all you other teenagers) and doesn't judge them for being weird. Unless you do stupid weird things. Like being male and wearing pink.

This morning we were discussing energy drinks. I was talking about Red Bull and said "Red Bull gives you wings!". She promptly responded with "Sounds like LSD." It was one of the funnier experiences of my life. She is an Awesomer person than I.


My Aunt Angela has epilepsy. That means that she has lots of very small siezures. Despite this illness, she is happy and cheerful. She's a lot of fun to be around and is quite the encouragement. She's always been a happy part of my life.


Now they all live with my cousins, creating quite a lot of people in one house. 10 to be exact. A very amusing place. Now the one cousin I want to tell you about is Eric. He's 21 and another Awesome person. He's been on a few mission trips and plays amazing guitar. A good influence. What brought him to mind were these two videos he made for a guitar craftsman. Here they are.

So if you ever want to buy a guitar, head to Hart Guitars.

I'm not getting paid to make this shoutout.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You know what's Awesome?

You know what's Awesome?

Sure there's Explosions... And Chuck Norris, and Ninjas, and any combination of the word "deranged" with just about anything else. (Deranged Waffles anybody?) and donuts, and sexist jokes, and even our blog!
Or at least, our blog every day of the week other than Tuesdays.

But No! Sure they're all awesome! But you know what simple thing is far more awesome?

Christian Friends.


YOU! STOP MAKING SARCASTIC "Awwwwww" Sounds! I'm allowed to be Sappy every once a year or so!

Seriously though! There really is nothing quite like hanging around people that believe the same way you do. I'm sure most of you out there have your share of friends who haven't accepted Christ (Yet!), maybe you know what I mean when I say that hanging around them is rarely as comfortable as being around people who you know stand for the same things you do...

Now this aint to say you cant have good friends from outside the faith! Far from it! There are some legitimately amazing people out there...

But sometimes, especially when I need to explain why I do or don't do certain things, I feel more like an Alien standing among a group of Earthpeople, and trying to explain to them that I can't use the existing washroom because I "work differently"

Or at the very least, something vaguely similar to that.

So I'd just like to say... Thanks to all the Christian guys and girls(*) out there that I have the privilege of calling a good friend.

*Whether I do indeed know any girls who fit this category is up for debate. Probably very short debate. Debate that ends in lower self esteem and depressional tendencies in all likelihood.

Beards be Awesome

Hello Again People!

Nolan here to enlighten you on the subject of crazy and entertaining beards, Enjoy!

The Short Boxed Beard

The Winged Wonder

The I Need a Life Beard

The Nipple Beard

The Lack of Beard Beard

The Weird Beard

The Awkward Situation Beard

The Giant Ginger Beard

The Stylin' Santa Beard

Well thats all I got today on the subject of Beards, if you want to see more then Click Here to view a list of Beards!

Well thats what I got for you guys Today!

Nolan Out!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Timmy Tuesday


Computers are Awesome!!!

So I am currently waiting for the rest of my computer tower (CPU, Motherboard and half my RAM). After like three weeks of delays the last of it is supposed to be here today......BUT! its 5:30 and theres still no sign of the UPS people. I swear its always the stuff you want thats never on time.....and the stuff you don't want that's early. Anyway, there is nothing for it but to wait.

Computers have completely changed life as we know it, and retardedly fast too! Like when my brother started university, which would have been like ten or so years ago, everyone still used paper and pens to write stuff. Of course, now you don't even have to write notes since all the notes are posted online anyway. People no longer call each other they text, a lot of people don't even call they use skype. All in all, we are more connected than ever and yet farther from each other all at the same time. Still can't say I'm complaining, it sure is easier to organize events online than it would be with a phone or fliers.

I would also like to note
that the guy in the laptop screen--------->
is totally checking the girl out :P

Bringing Back the Polls!

Hey, It's Poll time!
Yes I know I'm not Mike and I am doing polls.
And I know I'm proabably not as good as Mike once did.
But I'll try my best to make this interesting for you!

Here are this weeks poll resaults:

2 Votes (12%)

5 Votes (29%)

1 Vote (6%)

Timmy Tuesday
4 Votes (24%)

Videos From YouTube
0 Votes (0%)

Written Posts
1 Vote (6%)

Potato Guns
2 Votes (12%)

New Stuff
2 Votes (12%)

Well here is what we can take from the poll this week:
  1. There is not even one reader who wants to see anymore random videos from youtube, Sorry Joel, The people have spoken!
  2. Written Posts and Awesome are moot points. Less or More, people don't really care. But I think we'll increase the Awesome anyways!
  3. Potato Gun's only got two votes! WHAT ON EARTH? This Confuzzels me! I voted for more Potato Gun's!
  4. Okay People, Really? Timmy Tuesday? I'm just glad it didn't win!
  5. More Achievements, 'Nuff said!

Nolan Out!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Driven to Drink

Subtitled: Life through the bottom of a glass.

What happened? What happened to Awesome? When did we become ambitious. *Another drink* When did I become ambitious...Maybe I was always this way? But I had a right to be. *Drink* When did quantity become more important than quality? I suppose it's always been this way. Pump out the posts and pull in the readers. *Drink* No, we didn't pull in the readers. We through away the quality that everyone sought after. I speak for myself. I threw away quality. Micheal never threw away quality. He spent time on this *Drink* Why couldn't I spend time on this! He's stolen the spotlight! *Grabs the bottle* Not ever again! He will DIE for this! I will take his place!

Never contemplate the blog over a cup of Pepsi...

What do you think, people? Oh all you 17 regular readers? Should quality be our main concern? Do you want to hear fewer boring thoughts and more amusing thoughts for the price of fewer thoughts? What are your thoughts?

Also, the more money you give us, the more things we can do. Just sayin'! 5k would do WONDERS. Seriously, folks.

Give your minds.

- Brief point format splurge -

Dora, Dora the Explorer!

Tom Clancy is amazing!

We hung a traitor a while back. He was a Metis supporter. Hah!

- Brief point format splurge end -

End of part 1. Will continue with editting. Later. Maybe.

Isn't it funny that I've editted this sentence into the post just say that I won't be editting this post?

The Manslator

Okay Men out there I really think we should purchuse one of these...


So I have been sick for almost a week now....its not cool!!!! It's probably due largely to the fact that I have gotten nearly no sleep this whole weekend. It started friday when we decided to stay up pretty much all night.....although it was fun I nearly died the next day. Anyway, I continued getting very little sleep for the rest of the weekend. It is also worth noting that sleeping at nolans house can be hazardous to your health.... why you ask? Well I slept on their brand spankin new bunk bed and in the morning I was woken to Nolan yelling BEN IT'S 8:15!!!! I then proceeded to smash my head on the ceiling. It was rather loud and Nolan's parents heard it from the next floor. For the next 2 hours I had a very unwelcome headache.....Soooooo yeah .......ceilings SUCK!!!

Because the army is just that AWESOME!!!

Today was not yesterday, Nor was it tomorrow.

Dear Readers!

I love you!
Now on to my post!

So as it stands I am sitting here on my new Alienware laptop that cost me WAY more then I should have spent and I am not regretting it one bit... LIKE COME ON! I CAN CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE KEYBOARD! As it stands it is pink, But I am going to change it soon! Because some people think pink is gay.

I don't wan't want people to think I am gay!
I am Not Gay!

Phew! Glad to get that cleard up.

Anyways I was sitting here for a while trying to figure out what I was going to share with all of you, Then it hit me. Every wants to know what I do at A&W, But alas I already made a post about that last year so if you really want to know go read it for yourself! *Blegh*

As for anything else interesting that happened today Refer to the list I wrote below:
  1. Went to work. LAME
  2. Ate Lunch. Papa Burger with extra teen sauce and extra pickels
  3. Took the bus home. Seriously every single time I take the bus I sit beside a skitso.
  4. Got rid of my "Mohawk" If you could even call it that
  5. Wrote this blog post. Isn't it exciting
  6. I didn't go to the gym. I need my own car
  7. Fought Chuck Norris. We called it a draw

Anways that was my day! And I leave what I wrote here to impact the hearts and minds of the leaders of the nations of the world!

Nolan Out!

I Guess Everyone Took a Weekend Off?

So tonight I have a job interview, my first job interview ever! I'm super nervous and I don't know why. Partially I think it's because it's the gas station my brother works at and the boss there loves him, so I have high exspectations. I'm mostly worried about my time management, I'm afraid of being late or forgetting a shift! Does anybody have some pointers on HOW to keep it all together?

Again we must all face another week of school here in Timmins. On the bright side the weather calls for sunny-ness all week! That means I can bike to school instead of taking the bus and having to walk home. I walk home because I have a fourth period spare which means I get out an hour and a half before the busses come!

In my art class we've just finished our proposals which is a written page on what you want to complete during the year. My theme this year is Modern Technology, so I'll be drawing cars, computers, and anything like that. One of my ideas is to create a classic NES controller out of wood or some sort of matierial that makes a box shape.

Today I also found out that Rachel Beerman did not know what the Awesome Blog was. Good job Julia for not sharing with your family.

Anyway thats all I have for today, I thought i'd break this dry post spell.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday Night Highlights

Full videos coming up at some point later maybe!

Friday, October 1, 2010

French Fries!


Here is Jesse's new video of his potato gun! It is uber Awesome!

I would also like to point out that I am posting this here from my new computer!

Her name is Lucy, she is Alienware, She is sexy!

Anyways Here is the video!

Nolan Out!

Failed Tuesday


Hey, so unfortunately Timmy Tuesday is canceled this week. You may have noticed that it wasn't posted on Tuesday as usual. This is because I used a different camera and the videos don't work with my movie creator. I even converted them to like every different type of video file... No Luck. Anyway we have some pretty cool stuff on the way, including a tutorial weightlifting video done by Timmy himself!

To make up for this Timmy Tuesday fail we had Brooke visit us with her own monologue that she wrote, the main character being me.

So lately online I've been playing scrabble with my Nana. She's super insanely good and seriously usually has a 100-150 point lead against me! It's crazy. So we just finished a match and she started a new one. Her first word she puts out was "poo"... How old are you Nana? hahaha jk, she must've had horrible tiles and was forced to put that down.