Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Achievement Level 2

Hey Here are the Achievement's for October-November

So here they are:

1. Fruit Flys? - Drop a Water Melon from a roof of a TALL building.
2. Kart Koster - Get a Shopping cart, Ride it down a hill.
3. Hoser Poser - Take a Video of yourself standing in an epic pose.
4. Fast Food Buffet - go to 3 different fast food restaurants buy a combo, bring home, eat all three.
5. MonkeyFace - Climb A Tall Tree.

So there you have it! Now Go fourth and Complete!

Also You can still go back and do the old ones if you'd like!
Click Here For Old List of Achievements

Another thing if you have any achievements you'd like ME to do just leave a comment and if they seem possible or reasonable, I'll do it, Maybe, Doesn't hurt to try!

Anyways Thats All

Nolan Out!



  1. define a tall building,
    define a tall tree
    what are the minimum requirements of a hill?

  2. If your video is lame we wont show it... thats the requirements..! :D

  3. New rule after the last Reader Videos :P

  4. would My house be conciderd a tall building ? hehe ..