Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Awesome Bloger?

So due the lack of inactivity of several of the bloggers *coughjoelcoughNathanaelcough* and the fact that several people have implicated that a female blogger would be a great addition to the team. I would like to present Adelle Simard.

A little about myself....

The name is Adelle Simard. I was born in the cold month of January (I'm sure I warmed up everyone's hearts). Apparently I was a good little baby; didn't cry too much, and was extremely cute! I was home schooled all through my life, though, I did dabble a little in the "public" world. Ever since I can remember I loved to draw, make crafts, and anything else that was artsy. Of course I grew up, and my talent grew up along with me. I would like to go into drawing professionally someday. A few of my favorite things are God, family, sweets, and ice cream. You give me ice cream, and you've made my day!!


Speaking my thoughts clearly can be so difficult for me. All the thoughts sound great when they are all up in my mind. It is not like I don’t think before I speak. But somehow, when the words come out through my mouth, they come out all wrong. Sometimes I try to compliment on one of my gal’s outfit, but it comes out as an insult instead. And I try to fix the insult by talking more, trying to explain myself, but I end up making it worse. My thoughts don’t always come out the way I plan them to.

But putting my thought on a piece of paper is a whole different matter. Its like, when the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth, they come off my fingers instead. And I’m not just speaking about letters on a page, but about pictures as well. When I feel sad or mad, I can’t always express those emotions or thoughts through simple words. Sometimes… I need something a little deeper… A little stronger.

Drawing for me is like escaping to a different world. It’s like reading a book, and being taken away to whatever stories it tells. But instead of following a certain story line, I create the path. I can be anything, anywhere, and at anytime. I only need but to think of it. Any mistake I make is not irreversible. I can erase the problem and start again, like a brand new start. Drawing is my little place.

It is not always butterflies and rainbows in my little world. Everyone has their up and down days. And my emotions usually show through my drawings. You can tell when I had a hard day, or a really great day. The pictures are tied to my heart, and always mean something. It is my way to share to the world. They are not just drawings; they are symbols of my life, my thoughts, dreams, and personality. They are me.

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  1. Welcome aboard! We'll need to talk sometime about getting you an account, and exactly what your roll will be hereabouts... But were glad to have you aboard!