Monday, October 11, 2010

Beeeeest Weekend Ever

So the thanksgiving weekend started off roughly when I had to work till ten on the Friday night, but then I went to Jesse's and we had alot of fun on his miniature resort. I loooove saunas, except i think I bruised my eyes because they were stinging and I rubbed them so hard. Ow.

Then Saturday morning I went to a farm in Matheson to see the O'brynes. The farm was so incredibly nice, we went canoeing and just spent alot of time outside. Sometimes I forget how beautiful and relaxing nature can be. Although I love living in town I really missed country life this weekend. The weather was so nice, and the fall colors fit in perfectly. In the evening we had a giant bonfire, and I mean giant! Although I don't believe it was as big and Nolan, Brandon, and mine's fire at camp, but it was pretty high up there. There was alot of paper in the fire so the ash was falling around us like snow, it was actually super cool. We sat by the fire signing camp songs for awhile then decided to go inside. The next morning we suddenly remembered that we left the giant fire unattended!

Then Sunday everyone went to the Blouins for a fire. It was chilly out and the fire was nothing compared to the one the night before, but the good friends around warmed our hearts! hahahah jk

but yeah, it was super fun then everyone went and walked to Tim Hortons playing knock knock ginger as we went. Surprisingly it gets large groups of people places faster! As we walked through the field everyone was like falling onto the ground, it was super rivety, if thats what'd you call it?

After Tim Hortons we just stayed at Bea's till like 4:00 in the morning watching "He's just not that into you" which was really stupid ahha but it was super fun just lazing around and eating cheese crackers.

So that about sums up the weekend, all the visitors are gone and now I'm sitting on my couch in a blanket enjoying the day off! Woo!

It was such a good weeeeeeeeeeeeekend!

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