Monday, October 18, 2010


Okay so there was this one time....

Yeah it was Today and it was hilarious!

Have You ever seen a fully grown man cry?
Well What if the reason he was crying was because he didn't get his favorite seat on the bus?
HA! And you think that is funny part.
Well you are seriously wrong!
After he started crying, the Schizophrenic Brothers...
Yeah, seriously there both schizophrenic.
They both started laughing at him.
And not just a chuckle but like a "38-year-old-women-at-2-in-the-morning-laugh"
And yeah, they laughed for a good 15 minutes!

So that was my bus adventure of the day

But on to other News. Evey ones favorite Potato Gunner Made a new Video!

Nolan Out!


  1. Sweet i found the blog and love these videos!

  2. Wow these videos rule!


  3. Hehe Jesse you're my hero. Using Physics to calculate velocity of your Potato Gun! Math is awesome!