Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bringing Back the Polls!

Hey, It's Poll time!
Yes I know I'm not Mike and I am doing polls.
And I know I'm proabably not as good as Mike once did.
But I'll try my best to make this interesting for you!

Here are this weeks poll resaults:

2 Votes (12%)

5 Votes (29%)

1 Vote (6%)

Timmy Tuesday
4 Votes (24%)

Videos From YouTube
0 Votes (0%)

Written Posts
1 Vote (6%)

Potato Guns
2 Votes (12%)

New Stuff
2 Votes (12%)

Well here is what we can take from the poll this week:
  1. There is not even one reader who wants to see anymore random videos from youtube, Sorry Joel, The people have spoken!
  2. Written Posts and Awesome are moot points. Less or More, people don't really care. But I think we'll increase the Awesome anyways!
  3. Potato Gun's only got two votes! WHAT ON EARTH? This Confuzzels me! I voted for more Potato Gun's!
  4. Okay People, Really? Timmy Tuesday? I'm just glad it didn't win!
  5. More Achievements, 'Nuff said!

Nolan Out!

1 comment:

  1. I think I have alot of the reasoning behind the results Nolan. Achievements will obviously pull alot off attention, and we all want more, so that gives less votes to go elsewhere. Timmy Tuesday? Well, all I can say about that is people are comparing it to Joel's other posts and finding it a pleasant improvement. As for the other good things, like I said those top 2 drew in too many votes.