Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Drives and Free Candy

I went on a road trip to Timmins, and since most of are readers are from Timmins, you most likely already knew this!
Driving for 3 and a half hours isn't really a long drive but come on I am like super hyper and all I could do is sit there and steer...!

Things I did to keep my self Entertained:
1. Screamed, Like Hardcore Scream! Kinda like a Barbarian or something along those lines!
2. Sang, I just got the new Taylor Swift album! And if you haven't got it yet it makes you a bad person
3. Cried, Seriously I forced myself to cry because it started snowing! I HATE SNOW!
4. Talked To Myself, I'm weird like that!
5. I stopped at the watershed truck stop! TRUCK STOPS FTW!
6. And last but not least I ate McDoubles to keep myself awake!


Sorry! Sudden out burst, but our house keeps getting strange midgets dressed up as random things knocking on my door asking for candy!

Halloween: A time of year were little kids dress up and walk around neighborhoods asking for candy from strangers(A.K.A Pedophile Day!)?!

Halloween: A time of year where teemagers eat are they younger siblings candy and regret it the next day because they break out?!

Halloween: A time of year when parents let there kids dress up as dead people, murderers and other things that are inappropriate!?

Halloween: A time of year when Parents buy candy for everyone else's kids?!

Halloween: A time of year when you decorate your house like a grave yard!?

Halloween: A time of year where you can get Free Candy!


Nolan Out!

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