Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Computers are Awesome!!!

So I am currently waiting for the rest of my computer tower (CPU, Motherboard and half my RAM). After like three weeks of delays the last of it is supposed to be here today......BUT! its 5:30 and theres still no sign of the UPS people. I swear its always the stuff you want thats never on time.....and the stuff you don't want that's early. Anyway, there is nothing for it but to wait.

Computers have completely changed life as we know it, and retardedly fast too! Like when my brother started university, which would have been like ten or so years ago, everyone still used paper and pens to write stuff. Of course, now you don't even have to write notes since all the notes are posted online anyway. People no longer call each other they text, a lot of people don't even call they use skype. All in all, we are more connected than ever and yet farther from each other all at the same time. Still can't say I'm complaining, it sure is easier to organize events online than it would be with a phone or fliers.

I would also like to note
that the guy in the laptop screen--------->
is totally checking the girl out :P

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