Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Day After.

So you know those days, or should I say nights. When you stay up to a ridiculous hour just hangin out? Yeah you know! Well they are awesome! Aha another thing that is awesome, the day after. Now this all depends on what you have going on the next day. For those that have to get up and work *blegh* sucks to be you! However, for some people such as me, its a sleep in until noon then get up and do nothing all day.

Nothing to do all day = unproductive day.

Unproductive day + a lot of movies and video games = awesome :D

Plus its a Saturday, can't go wrong with a Saturday.

I might also add tomorrow is Halloween....this is bad for me...why? Well because I live in a neighborhood swarming with small children. This means:

a. a lot of small children knocking on my door in a continuous wave for several hours

b. Those small children asking for candy, a lot of candy

c. me not having any candy, and getting beaten by the small children.

However, I have a solution to this problem. Not be home!!
That's right I need to leave home for tomorrow night, I need somewhere to go for Sunday night. Or I shall shall surely be killed.

to everyone else out there, good luck!

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