Monday, October 4, 2010

Driven to Drink

Subtitled: Life through the bottom of a glass.

What happened? What happened to Awesome? When did we become ambitious. *Another drink* When did I become ambitious...Maybe I was always this way? But I had a right to be. *Drink* When did quantity become more important than quality? I suppose it's always been this way. Pump out the posts and pull in the readers. *Drink* No, we didn't pull in the readers. We through away the quality that everyone sought after. I speak for myself. I threw away quality. Micheal never threw away quality. He spent time on this *Drink* Why couldn't I spend time on this! He's stolen the spotlight! *Grabs the bottle* Not ever again! He will DIE for this! I will take his place!

Never contemplate the blog over a cup of Pepsi...

What do you think, people? Oh all you 17 regular readers? Should quality be our main concern? Do you want to hear fewer boring thoughts and more amusing thoughts for the price of fewer thoughts? What are your thoughts?

Also, the more money you give us, the more things we can do. Just sayin'! 5k would do WONDERS. Seriously, folks.

Give your minds.

- Brief point format splurge -

Dora, Dora the Explorer!

Tom Clancy is amazing!

We hung a traitor a while back. He was a Metis supporter. Hah!

- Brief point format splurge end -

End of part 1. Will continue with editting. Later. Maybe.

Isn't it funny that I've editted this sentence into the post just say that I won't be editting this post?