Friday, October 1, 2010

Failed Tuesday

Hey, so unfortunately Timmy Tuesday is canceled this week. You may have noticed that it wasn't posted on Tuesday as usual. This is because I used a different camera and the videos don't work with my movie creator. I even converted them to like every different type of video file... No Luck. Anyway we have some pretty cool stuff on the way, including a tutorial weightlifting video done by Timmy himself!

To make up for this Timmy Tuesday fail we had Brooke visit us with her own monologue that she wrote, the main character being me.

So lately online I've been playing scrabble with my Nana. She's super insanely good and seriously usually has a 100-150 point lead against me! It's crazy. So we just finished a match and she started a new one. Her first word she puts out was "poo"... How old are you Nana? hahaha jk, she must've had horrible tiles and was forced to put that down.

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