Monday, October 11, 2010

Giv'n Thanks

(The above title is the logical opposite of "Grab'n Pills", and thus is a L4D reference, instantly making this post more awesome.)

Your all time favorite Geek here, I just returned from the land of farm people! Man that was scary... I might tell you all about it some other time, but for now we will discuss something that won't get me in trouble with quite as many people:

Thanksgiving! The time of Thanksful Giving of Thanks!

It's the time of the year where we look back and remember all the dear turkeys that gave their lives to silly old people like "Our Forefathers", or whatever the yanks call them. Simply because they thought that killing a few dozen turkey and eating a stalk of corn or two was a good way to celebrate finding a new continent.
Man I bet the natives laughed at them from just outside of their silly little settlement.

Er wait, no, thats American Thanksgiving...

Well in that case, we celebrate being an unoriginal country who got jealous of the fact that we don't have an excuse to consume copious amounts of turkey! Go Canada!

I jest... Of course...
In all honesty, Thanksgiving is always an amazing time of the year to sit back and buck the human tendency of never being content. For once, we can just take some time to look at all the things we do have, and how amazing our lives really are when you get right down to it. And of course, the Turkey is an added bonus too.

Anyway, today this post actually has a point:

We often ask alot from God in prayer... So why don't we take the chance today to just simply thank him for what we already have! And what better way then to attempt to start a Facebook status trend at the same time!

All I ask, is for each of you who read this to take the time to go onto facebook and post:
"I thank God for *Thankful subject matter here*!"

Just to clarify, let me show you some examples of how NOT to copy that:
I thank Zeus for my wonderful Toga!
I thank God for the impending death of my little brother!
I thank God for *Thankful subject matter here*!
Dear God: Why do you allow so many turkeys to suffer?
I like fish
I think you all get the idea! Or I would hope at least.
So get to it! Show that this blog has SOME influence somewhere on the interwebs, show that you believe God is the one we should be thanking today, and express what you're thankful for... All at the same time!

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