Monday, October 4, 2010

I Guess Everyone Took a Weekend Off?

So tonight I have a job interview, my first job interview ever! I'm super nervous and I don't know why. Partially I think it's because it's the gas station my brother works at and the boss there loves him, so I have high exspectations. I'm mostly worried about my time management, I'm afraid of being late or forgetting a shift! Does anybody have some pointers on HOW to keep it all together?

Again we must all face another week of school here in Timmins. On the bright side the weather calls for sunny-ness all week! That means I can bike to school instead of taking the bus and having to walk home. I walk home because I have a fourth period spare which means I get out an hour and a half before the busses come!

In my art class we've just finished our proposals which is a written page on what you want to complete during the year. My theme this year is Modern Technology, so I'll be drawing cars, computers, and anything like that. One of my ideas is to create a classic NES controller out of wood or some sort of matierial that makes a box shape.

Today I also found out that Rachel Beerman did not know what the Awesome Blog was. Good job Julia for not sharing with your family.

Anyway thats all I have for today, I thought i'd break this dry post spell.


  1. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR videos were recorded over the weekend. The question is... Should we even bother to post them? : p

    That was a FUN weekend, but alot of bad ideas got badly recorded.

  2. Mike meant to say good ideas got...goodly recorded.