Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mans Best Friend!

I am hear to tell you all about man's best friend...


Oh how I love you Bacon! You are one of my true Loves.
From the belly of the pig you are taken, Oh Man I love you Bacon!
You come in so many different forms, crunchy, soft, cold and warm.
Even Squeezable, Boy Oh Boy, So Pleaseable.

Whoa! this stuff, really doesn't help you get Buff,
But who cares, that fact doesn't put me in despair

I would eat you all day long. You make me wanna sing a song.
So warm and crispy, Brownish an twisty.
Bacon you make my world Implode, If you left you'd cause my eyes to erode.

Well this is all I have to say about Bacon Today.
I hope you all enjoy bacon, Because it's Awesome!
Yes Awesome does rhyme with Bacon

Nolan Out!


  1. Nolan you are my hero! This is seriously the single greastest post ever! Bacon is the most incredible everything! I love bacon!