Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay so I was just sitting around try to think of some of the most masculine things I could think of Here are the Top 14 I came up with:

1. Guns
Like there is nothing more manly then a gun. Big guns, little guns, rocket launchers, shot guns, Bow & Arrows. if it shoots stuff it's manly!

2. Beards
What is the 1st thing that goes through your mind when you see a guy with a beard, "Whoa! Don't mess with that guy he has a beard he could own me" you all know you say that in your heads!

3. Sports
Playing or Watching its always something manly to do with the guys.
"Sports" that don't qualify as a Sport:
  • Curling
  • Darts
  • Chess
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Figure Skating
  • Any "sport" were physical contact is not encouraged

4. Trucks
If you own a vehicle that you can take off road or mud bogging this vehicle makes you Manly, Also if you have a car that has an engine that is around the same size as a trucks engine it also make you manly, as long as you drive like a pro!

5. Explosions
Loud, Destructive, Demolition, C4, Dynamite, Blasting Caps, Diarrhea... Should I list more?

6. Chuck Norris

'Nuff Said!

7. Fighting
Fighting. Men fight, we don't even need a reason, we just do. It is just part of being a manly man! But some times we do have a reason, maybe you stole our girl friend, maybe you stole my food, maybe you scratched my truck, what ever the reason is a good punch to the face and then we will be friends again, us guys aren't always good at holding grudges, Plus Fighting is SO much more fun and faster!

8. Video Games
Video games are a vital part of any guys healthy life style, we all need a good few hours where we can just turn are brains to mush!

9. Getting Dirty

Any man not willing to get dirty or sweaty or muddy isn't deserving of the title of "Man"

10. Fatty Foods
McDonald, A&W, KFC, Wendys, Burger King, Buffets, the list goes on and on and on!

11. Old Spice

12. Weapons

This Picture is just oozing with Masculinity!

13. Tools
Out of the wide rage of tools out there, there is one tool that rises above all the other, The Hammer! As guys it is are duty to break tings, not to mention it is really fun to break things, and there is no greater tool then a hammer for the job of breaking stuff!

14. Working Out

Working out has to be one of the most manly activity's on the earth. It is a time to show other men who is the strongest and to impress the Lady types with big Muscles and jacked abs!

Well thats all Nolan has for all of you today!
Nolan Out!