Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Good news everyone!

Every Wednesday at school I am given the unique pleasure of taking a 3 hour long course, from 7 to 10 PM. It's full of such exciting things! We talk about money... And listen to a cross-eyed professor... And look at graphs... And then talk about money... And then we talk about money some more!
And after that's all done, we get to talk about money!

But wait... I can see how exciteded and envious you are now, but try to keep your bowels inside of you for just a bit longer, becuse it gets better!
Today... I will be narrarating the ENTIRE CLASS to you!

Test results are back! Why doesn't a theme song play when we go up to the front to get our marks? That would make everything pretty much way more amazing. I'd imagine it to be some kind of horrible childrens theme like from Dora the Explorer or something.

Also! I got 96% on the test! The other 4% wasn't worth getting anyway (I'm racist against marks... Is that being a Marxist? Because that's a good thing I think.)

Man writing this is distracting. But it must be done!

Recap, review, and assignments!
It's like saying... "Oh hey, here's a break for you! Go take some time off... HA! Just kidding! Had you going there didn't I? Really, were just going to give you lots of work to do over your break to make up for all the school you missed."

Oh uhm, now he's talking about elastics.
No wait... Uhm, elasticity!
Now he mentioned something about soup and crackers...
Maybe... I should pay attention? He is talking about food afterall...
I'll update you every half hour!

Quote of the night!
"We measure employees the same way we would measure an inanimate object, such as sand or dirt"
I love my Professor sometimes... Then I realize that he's serious and nobodies laughing.

I got to sound real important in class! We were comparing Marginal Product graphs to the total product parent graphs, and I noticed that it looked a lot like the marginal graphs were a derivative of the total cost! I asked the prof if this was the case, and he was just like... "Oh! So it is!" and we moved on.
Man... It's nice to not feel like a complete idiot every now and then...
Then I remember that I really am a complete idiot.

Cost-Benefit Principle...
Marginal Revenue...
Delta R over Delta L...
Sleeping... Also... Tacos...
Mmmmmm, Tacos...
I can haz Tacos?


There! If you were just scrolling through, that should have grabbed your attention. Do you realize how important it is to pay attention? I mean, what if all I did in class was sit here and write horribly long blog posts? Imagine what my grade would be! What If everybody did that!
We would have so many blogs that the Internet would asplode! And that is NOT A GOOD THING.
So, logically, if you pay attention to my posts... the internet won't explode in your face!

A GIRL IS SPEAKING TO ME OVER FACEBOOK CHAT! Quick! What do I do? How does one handle this situation? It's all too much!
I've got it! Let's pretend I'm responsible and tell her I'm in class and can't talk!
Crisis Averted!

And now a gleaming Ray of sunlight penetrates this gloomy classroom! I learn that class is ending at 9:30 today! Happy days and Jubilations!

You can now stop reading this strange result of classroom boredom of a blog post, and go about your normal life! Congrats!
Now will somebody please get me a Taco?

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