Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Once again it's that time of the week! Sit back, hold on to your chairs and get ready because it's time to tally up th- Oh who am I kidding. You're all sick of that whole spiel by now anyway.

So let's take a break and look at some different kinds of poles!
First, we have the Polish people:
Obviously, they are a race of statisticians, who were conquered by other European nations across history for their superior analytical minds and unique proficiency at creating bar graphs. They were made famous in 1428 for the world's first ever 10,000 option poll; which was completed by every citizen in the nation state (discounting of course, the women, who were busy making bar-graph shaped sandwiches)

And then of course we have telephone poles: Who by their very shape remind us all of the importance of the Bar Graph.

Now that you all understand the importance of polls... Let's get back to business:

If one of the bloggers was secretly a Superhero, who would you guess it to be?

Nolan - 6 Votes (29%)
Ben - 8 Votes (38%)
Mike - 4 Votes (19%)
Nahtanael - 2 Votes (10%)
Joel - 1 Vote (5%)

And Ben wins out with an outstanding 2 vote lead over Nolan! Ben, we eagerly await hearing about your true alter ego (My bets are on Taximan!)

And the other things we can learn about this:
  • I spell Nathaneal's first name about as well as I spell Nate Eliott's last.
  • Joel is not special.
  • I am not a Ninja
  • A few people think that Nolan has Super Powers... However, if this was true, he would in all likelihood be a superVILLAIN, not a superHERO.
  • More people think I'm a masked Vigilante than Nathaneal and Joel combined!

Tune in next time folks when we discuss the future political state of Canada!

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