Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thanksgiving........and FOOD!

So incase you didn't notice...its thanksgiving....what does this mean? Well I will give you the low down in several different steps:

1. Family- The time when everyone gathers together for the first time since the summer holidays. Stories are shared, laughter is had, all around a good time.

2. FOOD!!- You all know it! Food and more food. What would Thanksgiving be without tons of food? But hey its great, so perhaps we all gain a few extra pounds no big deal....unless of course those extra pounds are accompanied by the dreaded turkey gas :s

3. Couples- The time when that special someone comes home for the first time since leaving for school. For many this is the best part of the holiday....for other not so much. This is because Thanksgiving also brings the turkey dump. You know what I mean, that special someone comes home for the first time, just to tell you that they have met someone else at school. As sad as it may be, the turkey dump happens pretty frequently. Still better than an email, or heaven forbid a text!

4. Pumpkins and coats- The weather is cold, the leaves are changing, and the pumkins are everywhere. People are starting their woodstoves and fireplaces up. Mmmmmm I can smell that fall breeze now. Enjoy it! Its about to be taken over by a cold winter:(

Have a great holiday, and don't eat to much!! :)

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