Monday, October 25, 2010

Them people

Long time no talk right? So I've been busy........

Not really I'm just really lazy.

But then it appears that everyone else has been slacking as well!

Oh well time to break out the whip I guess! snap! snap!

So for the last few weeks in my English class we have been doing stuff on making a resume, job searches and all that jazz. However, last week was somewhat different. Instead of writing something out we had to do fake interviews. Oddly enough we weren't being marked on how well we did as the interviewee , but as the interviewer. Odd right? Anyway, we had a group of four and interviewed a couple classmates. Turns out I'm a great employer! That's right if I become your boss I will be good at hiring people......of course I probably suck at getting a Job sooooo I guess my skills are pointless. RATS!!!

I swear some of the things you learn in school are as useful as a can of mace in a zombie outbreak. (note: mace does not work on zombies)

Anyway, someone go and shoot the other bloggers unless you already did....and that's why they arn't posting. If that's the case, you suck and should be put in a cage with Justin Bieber!!

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