Thursday, October 7, 2010

-Witty Title About Family-

Disclamer: Seriousness (sobriety?) is not my forte but it appears to be the pattern. In other words, I'm not usually sober. Har har.

I would like to talk about family. My family to be exact. Specifically my grandmother (who I have always called Nana to avoid confusion), my grandfather (who I have always called Papa to avoid confusion as well), and my aunt (who I have always called Angela because that is her name) as well as a cousin briefly.

Papa has recently turned 80. Since he is originally from Edinborough, Scotland, he survived WW2 in a land where it had a large effect. He witnessed the first air raid on London of WW2. Life back then was something that I could never imagine.

The stories he tells are amazing and he's one of the most knowledgeable people that I know.

A strong Christian and a truly Awesome fellow.


My Nana is from Ireland and is 9 years younger then my Papa. At 71, she is more active then I am. She has more energy then I do. I always remember going to their house in Kitchener and getting fresh bread (amaaaazing. Really.) and frozen pears. Ever had frozen pears? Go have frozen pears, you. Every morning she would (and still does) get up horribly early in the morning and read her Bible. Happy memories *Smiley face emoticon*Also, she doesn't think less about the teenage masses for using technology. She's someone who knows that teenagers are weird (not me. Just all you other teenagers) and doesn't judge them for being weird. Unless you do stupid weird things. Like being male and wearing pink.

This morning we were discussing energy drinks. I was talking about Red Bull and said "Red Bull gives you wings!". She promptly responded with "Sounds like LSD." It was one of the funnier experiences of my life. She is an Awesomer person than I.


My Aunt Angela has epilepsy. That means that she has lots of very small siezures. Despite this illness, she is happy and cheerful. She's a lot of fun to be around and is quite the encouragement. She's always been a happy part of my life.


Now they all live with my cousins, creating quite a lot of people in one house. 10 to be exact. A very amusing place. Now the one cousin I want to tell you about is Eric. He's 21 and another Awesome person. He's been on a few mission trips and plays amazing guitar. A good influence. What brought him to mind were these two videos he made for a guitar craftsman. Here they are.

So if you ever want to buy a guitar, head to Hart Guitars.

I'm not getting paid to make this shoutout.


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