Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You know what's Awesome?

You know what's Awesome?

Sure there's Explosions... And Chuck Norris, and Ninjas, and any combination of the word "deranged" with just about anything else. (Deranged Waffles anybody?) and donuts, and sexist jokes, and even our blog!
Or at least, our blog every day of the week other than Tuesdays.

But No! Sure they're all awesome! But you know what simple thing is far more awesome?

Christian Friends.


YOU! STOP MAKING SARCASTIC "Awwwwww" Sounds! I'm allowed to be Sappy every once a year or so!

Seriously though! There really is nothing quite like hanging around people that believe the same way you do. I'm sure most of you out there have your share of friends who haven't accepted Christ (Yet!), maybe you know what I mean when I say that hanging around them is rarely as comfortable as being around people who you know stand for the same things you do...

Now this aint to say you cant have good friends from outside the faith! Far from it! There are some legitimately amazing people out there...

But sometimes, especially when I need to explain why I do or don't do certain things, I feel more like an Alien standing among a group of Earthpeople, and trying to explain to them that I can't use the existing washroom because I "work differently"

Or at the very least, something vaguely similar to that.

So I'd just like to say... Thanks to all the Christian guys and girls(*) out there that I have the privilege of calling a good friend.

*Whether I do indeed know any girls who fit this category is up for debate. Probably very short debate. Debate that ends in lower self esteem and depressional tendencies in all likelihood.


  1. Christian friends really are awesome!

  2. A great post Mike! And whoever votes this as fat should be shot. Christian friends are amazing!