Monday, November 8, 2010

!1 Random Facts

Okay here are 1! random facts about my younger life!

  1. Challenged my Brother in the grand sport of Diaper tossing when I was younger. This sport is as simple as taking a "used" Diaper and putting it in a grocery bag and tossing it into the attic, who ever gets the most in wins!
  2. I was a fort dweller, and it was a pretty sick fort if I do say so my self. It was fashioned with traps and a big tree and a Mud whole. Yes It was that cool!
  3. I was short and rather chubby! Yes I know its hard to believe that this insanely muscular body was chubby at one time.
  4. I built a giant elastic gun and had elastic wars with my Brother in my bed room, This is just as awesome as it sounds!
  5. I was an artist when it came to painting the inside of the garage with mud, lets just say my parents didn't quite agree with me when I told them it looked good!
  6. I went to Homeschool Co-op. For those who know what I'm talking about I salute you!
  7. I played Runescape, yes I was one of those kids who did nothing all day and played Runescape. But I was a Level 80 so I could PWN noobs!
  8. I used to live in the middle of nowhere and I hated it!
  9. Hamster-dance was my favorite song
  10. I used to own a NES and Super Mario 3, Thus still being one of the greatest games and game consoles of all times!
  11. Throw rocks at cars that drove by until one day this guy stopped and got mad at me.
There you now know 11 things about me that you didn't know before!

Nolan Out!


  1. Runescape was fun... back in the day... when you where aloud to kill people :-P

  2. Yes, back in the day when killing people was socially acceptable! :D