Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can I have my results Pollease and Thankyou?

Hey? Guess what?
It's that time of week again!
And no, not the one where we get to burn small people of different ethnicities. That's 2 Fridays from now.

Today we recount the polls! And rather then go on a long tangent about something you really dont care about, this week I'm going to skip straight to the... jacket? (NTS: Stop taking vocabulary suggestions from Nolan)

Keep doing an awesome job - 5 Votes (21%)
Start drawing artwork for her posts - 6 Votes (25%)
Make Sandwhiches for everybody! - 9 Votes (38%)
Make a blog Comic - 1 Vote (4%)
Burn and die in a small hole in the ground that is covered by hungry carnivourous roaches. - 3 Votes (13%)

And the facts we can gather from the still smoking corpse of this once alive and healthy poll:

  • 3 whole people either don't like Adelle, or don't like roaches being hungry.
  • Somehow I doubt the Blog will be getting a comic anytime soon... In fact, it looks like Adelle will be eaten by carnivorous roaches before that happens.
  • I personally like Sliced Turkey in my sandwhiches. Keep that in mind.
  • Nolan wants me to be nice in this bullet. Why would I do that?
  • Artwork. Now.

Later Plebians!

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