Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Curse you responsibility!

It looks as though responsibility has conquered us all like the foreign oppressor it truly is! Even the blog has to succumb to its overpowering demands of servitude every now and then...

We've all been really busy over here preparing for the SYC, doing school stuffs, Making videos of fire shooting out of peoples eyes, working on Awesome 2.0 studying, and otherwise wasting our time on non-important things which are unrelated to the blog. (It should be noted that in Nolan's case, he's just busy being a nobody in his parent's basement... And I'm sure that's very time consuming)

At any rate, we do have a LOT of stuff on the go, so I'm really sorry to say you all won't be seeing anything over-the-top amazing for a little while...
Yes, you ARE in fact allowed to beat us with large sticks now.

However: There will be MORE AWESOME THINGS coming up at the SYC! I promise! Stay tuned!

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