Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello Ladies!

This is a post!
Its true Im not lying!

Have you ever sat in your basement in front of a computer for a whole weekend working on something that is just so awesome you can't explain how awesome it is with words because it contains just to much pure awesomeness for the English language to be able to write a cohesive sentence about the previously stated awesomeness?

Yeah I didn't think you did! You guys aren't that Awesome.


Some people are mean, why? I don't know they just are?
Some people are stupid, why? I couldn't tell you...
Some people are obnoxious, why? Who Knows?!
Some people are jerks, why? No comment!

But what I can tell you is that I have found the cure for the previously listed mental disorders.

A good punch or slap to the face and/or a swift kick to the groin, yes these medical treatments are gender specific.

*NOTE: If you are a guy never hit a girl get another girl to hit the girls for you.

Nolan Out!

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