Monday, November 22, 2010

Tape Ball!

In the last few years that I've been playing hockey, I've taken the clear tape off of my shin pads and and the tape off my stick and added it to a tape ball. Other guys on my team also added their tape. The first ball we made had the misfortune of falling into a toilet. . . and that was the end of it. But we did not give up! No. We started a new tape ball. This one grew and grew. The ball currently weighs 3.5 kg and has a circumference of 67 cm. 

A new roll of hockey tape weighs approximately 71 g. This means that the ball contains around 49 rolls of tape. An average roll of tape costs $2.99. Multiply that by 49 and the value of the tape ball equals $146.51 before taxes. Factoring in tax... just kidding. That's enough math for a snow day! 

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  1. snooooooooooooooow daaaaaaaaay