Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just Like the Good Old Days!

So remember those times when you were in elementary school and you had to act like molecules in science class?(excluding homeschoolers, for us it was at science north). Well as entertaining as that was and indeed it was entertaining. I had the the honor of reliving one of these moments at school today.

For our theory class, which usually is drab and boring. My teacher decided we should play a little game. We were all going to be various sensors in a vehicle. As certain conditions arose we were to take appropriate action. This ranged from running around the class, to tapping your hand on the table, to staring at each other(to simulate communication) or just standing up or sitting down. I got the honor of being the ECU, in other words I would decide whether other people were cool or hot hahaha I know I know. Anyway, I took nothing productive away from the whole thing and I think it was more of something to do because my teacher was bored. Either way it definitely brought back some memories of my early childhood.

School was otherwise uneventful and boring aha


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