Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nolan's 6 Steps to Dating!

This is a step-by-step guide how to make a happy and enjoyable dating experience all the time!

And the only reason I am writing this is because of that dang pole... So here goes!

Step 1: Don't Date.
Simple and yet effective, this technique is very helpful and by not getting into a relationship you will save money and time on which you will be able to spend and use very irresponsibly! On a side note you may feel lonely. But not to fear you are probably a loner anyways...

Step 2: Dump Her
I would just like to point out that If you have failed to accomplish Step 1 for what ever reason you are a bad person. And now instead of being just lonely you will also have a heart broken Girl to deal with and feel awkward around, because you have to Dump her. Don't be mad, as I said this is a guide on how to make "Dating Enjoyable all the time" and the only way to do that would be to follow Step 1.

You Foolish person? Why did you Fail to accomplish Step 1 & 2?
I guess at this point I better start giving you REAL advice because you are stuck in a relationship now.

Step 3: Be You
Okay So I guess this is probably the best thing to do since this person you are dating is going to be around a lot and it is going to be hard to pretend to be some else ALL the time, So just be your self. But if you can't be yourself around this special person go back to Step 2 and try to accomplish it this time you Noob!

Step 4: Respect Her
Come on use your heads on this one you twits! It shouldn't be that hard to treat some one you like with respect, but you guys are dumb sometimes! And if you can't do this Step... Go to Step 1 and never move past it till you learn how to! Shesh!

Step 5: Don't...
Don't Forget her birthday, Duh!
Don't Forget about the Date you planned, If you do she'll think you went back to Step 2!
Don't Eat Garlic, Unless you think she is a vampire!
Don't Be killing people, It just always ruins the mood!
Don't Be Gay, it is always a bad way to end a relationship!

Step 6: Do...
Do Bring her to nice places
Do Spend time with her
Do Buy her stuff
Do Be Awesome for her

Follow these 6 Steps and you should Have an enjoyable and happy dating experience
Nolan Out!


  1. Sadly I'm too good at step one..... >.<
    But then again, I'm a nerd... its probably for the best :-P

  2. Wow Nolan Im actually impressed, good job!

  3. Steps 5 and 6 are kinda mixed up... The Do's belong with the Dont's and vice versa I think.

  4. respect? does that mean we don't have to make you guys sandwiches anymore? (unless by some exotic miracle we actually WANT to :P)

  5. Respect is a two way street.

    We respect Females. Females make us Sandwiches.

  6. ^^^ Yes!
    Where is the like button?! Remind me to make a Like button on the new site.