Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Post So Good its Like Double Rainbows

So I haven't made a post in a very long time. Now I would like to say that I haven't had time, but the reality is that I just haven't been in the mood. MY BAD!!!!! Or maybe its the fact I get so many fails....See what I did I put some of the blame on you.

So I am fat.
Thats right I am fat
Its been way too long since I have done much of anything worth mentioning in the way of physical activity. Anyway its making me feel fat.
I thought you would like to know that.
I also haven't made a video in a long time, this I can blame on Nolan. He keeps stealing my camera!! So if I ever get it back I might actually make one.

Double rainbows......
If you don't know what I'm saying you need to go and watch this ---->

after you have watched that you need to go and watch this ---->

If this does not make you happy and feel somewhat like a hippy you are a bad person. Seriously if we could only enjoy the simple things like double rainbows the way this guy can....The whole world would be a fairytale. One full of rainbows!! So next time your depressed just think of double rainbows. Or if its three in the morning, that's a good time to think of double rainbows as well.

Double rainbows have become so epic that they are being used instead of certain words.

Here are some examples provided by The Urban Dictionary of how you can use double rainbows to make your life better:

Unofficial meanings of a double rainbow:

-ecstatically wonderful

-joyfully amazing

-wondrous beyond compare

Double rainbow may used in sentences in such ways as these:

That video is so vivid, it's Double Rainbow all the way!

Its amazing! its like a double rainbow!

The food was so good you would think it was made with a double rainbow!

Your better than double rainbows!

Anyway that's all I got on double rainbows, so until next time I bid thee well

especially you internet stalkers

we know who you are.....

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