Wednesday, November 24, 2010

River of Life

Life is like a river. The flowing water moves on like time. Each wave and ripple are seconds in life that lap over each other. Every minute and hour travel together in harmony. All the time in the world flowing in a single river.
Sometimes you feel like a rock in the river. You feel heavy and weighed down. So instead of joining the flow of life you stand by and watch as everything else passes you by. It isn't like you choose to live like this, its just you feel as though you have been frozen in place; frozen in time. And as everything else progresses in life, you waste the precious time that has been given to you and stay put.
Other times you may feel like a twig on the water. You go with the flow of life, but you have no control of where it takes you. Sometimes you move quickly and everything goes well, but other times the river pulls you into dark currents. You get scraped over rocks and fall down waterfalls. Sometimes it doesn't pay to just go with the flow.
Maybe your like a fish. You have the companion of other fish, and you all work together to swim the river. You feel safe and secure with a big group. But maybe down the river of time you'll fall behind, get injured, or lose yourself. Then you find who your real friends are when your hurt, afraid, and alone.
Life can't just waste away down a river. You don't have to be stuck in time, lost in the current, or mislead. All this time you may have been swimming without an anchor, with your eyes and heart closed to the truth that was in front of you the whole time. You only needed to open your eyes and see with your heart the deep love from God that was waiting for you. That with this you are safe, loved, and never alone. You'll never be afraid to swim in the river again because He is holding your hand... No matter what.

Just a different way to see.

Have a great day readers!

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