Saturday, November 20, 2010

So this one time in Sudbury...

Dear World
Why do you spin?
Why are you round and not flat?
If you were flat, people could fall off...
And that would be SO entertaining to watch!
Love Nolan!

Am I the only person who brings his phone into the bathroom...
And sets it beside the shower...
So that when I receive a text I can read it?

Have you ever talked to some one?
Have you ever talked on the phone to some one?
Have you ever talked on the phone to some one while sitting on the toilet?
If you answers yes to the last question, you are a creep!
The "Poop and talk" is just weird...

Person on Phone: Hey what was that plopping sound?
Guy on Toilet: Ohh! Don't worry about it!

So there you have it three random thoughts for this wonderful Saturday morning!

I love you all!
Especially you!
Nolan Out!


  1. yo man i want some awsome 2.0, hurry upppp...... jk

  2. Its Coming! We just got a lot of stuff on the go right now :D

  3. sure you do... (lies)

  4. Timmy! Don't make me prove that we're busy by posting my essay on how Post-Modernism effects mainstream religious groups.
    You would not like that!