Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stop there! POLLice!

The above title may or may not actually be a really blatent and lame attempt to continue making Poll puns in titles.

Eitherway! I welcome you, ladies, gents and aliens from that other plane of existence where they have more than 5 genders, I welcome you to yet another day of the tallying of the polls! Here, we personally guarantee you that unlike in some countries I could name our polls will never ask you to sign your soul away to a political party.
We do, however encourage heated debates and/or violence when talking about the polls amongst your friends. Also, please record that. We could all use a good laugh.

Yesterweeks poll was incredibly one sided... especially considering one of the options had to do with the concept category of "Poop and Toilets", which historically has always been popular here. (I suspect sometimes that it may just have been Nolan voting on a ton of computers...) But without any further meanderings, here's the results!

  • Proper Washroom Techniques - 4 Votes (18%)
  • Dating and Relationships - 10 Votes (45%)
  • Our Biggest Fails - 5 Votes (23%)
  • Things that are Gay - 3 Votes (14%) 

And as always, the facts we can learn from them:

  • Dating is popular?
  • People really don't want to hear us talk about gay things... like Soccer.
  • For the first time ever, a stupid potty humor joke didn't win! I'd like to pretend to think that your all becoming more respectable! (But I also know i'm deluding myself)
  • More people are interested in learning about the worst failures in our lives then are interested in learning how to take a dump. This proves once and for all that our primary audience is NOT people aged 0-4.
  • I'm way too tired and distracted by a looming test to actually write something decent in this bullet.

I hope you're all still alive next week!

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