Friday, December 10, 2010

Another One Joins the Ranks?

So as many of you may or may not know I have needed a job for some time now. Well its happened, that's right I have joined the workforce. Well wait until you hear where.

drum roll please.....




Thats right folks!
I am now a co-worker of Nolan
wow I think that might have just sunk in....weird
Anyway, its a job and I'll be making money which is a good thing for me, and the blog.

Anyway, going to see the third installment of Narnia tonight should be a good time full of awesome. If it be as I suspect, I shall be sure to let you know.

So in conclusion be happy in knowing that the blog is devoted to making your life more awesome. Also know that approximately 40% of the blog is supported by fast food......just sayin.


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