Friday, December 17, 2010

Back When...

Remember Back When This Blog had more the one guy posting?
I do!
Those where Great times!
I didn't even have to post everyday to make things interesting!
Remember When I sucked at making Vlogs?
I wonder if I still do?

Thats Was Not A Rhetorical question!

So there was this other time me and Sam went to the Gym
The parking lot was clear of snow
Except for that one spot!
Sam, Being Sam, decided he wanted to Park in the Snow anyways
Me, being Logical, Told him we would get stuck!
But he did it anyways!
After we worked out
we went back to the car
got in tried to drive away.
That didn't work!
Good Job Sam!
After about 15 minutes
of pushing the car
It started to move
I had to hold it up for a while
Sam jumped back in
and we drove away!

Moral to this story
Don't drive into snow banks!

Nolan Out!

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