Friday, December 3, 2010

I hate POLLock fish.

Wow... how much more desperate are these puns going to get before I just run out of ideas?

Moving back on topic...
Hello and welcome to the weekly recount! As always I'm your incredibly dashing host Mike Daoust. Today we are going to once again feed you information so irrelevant, so random, so pointless, that your very brain cells are now quivering at their little sub-atomic roots! Or at the very least I have you marginally amused. One of the two.

So last week's poll finished up like so:

If your life was in danger, and you could push someone/something in front of you to save your life, who/what would it be?

Lauren Woods - 3 Votes (12%)
Double Rainbows - 4 Votes (14%)
Justin Bieber - 11 Votes (38%)
Your Mom - 0 Votes (0%)
A New Flatscreen TV - 3 Votes (12%)
Quebec - 7 Votes (24%)

Those are some intense numbers.
Anywho, here's the vital intel we can draw from all this:

  • Exactly 4 people are dead now. You silly, silly people. Double Rainbows are simply optical phenomenon caused by light passing through water. Aaaand last I checked, optical phenomenon don't stop bullets/hurtful objects. KNOW YOUR SCIENCE!
  • The minute I made Justin Bieber an option, I kinda knew which one would come out on top this time.
  • The same amount of people chose to make a bullet shield from a Flatscreen TV as Lauren Woods I guess this implies if those were the only two options then it would be a really hard call... Hmmm
    Losing an expensive TV set... vs Losing a rival at Tetris...
  • I missed class to write this post.
  • "Your Mom" has become one of the VERY few poll options ever to get 0 votes... Way to go Mom-type-people!
  • We had a whopping 28 votes this time around! Yeee.

Also, because I want to follow the trend of having ridiculously long posts that nobody really wants to read, today I will be treating you all to some stats about the blog:

Pageviews today - 61
Pageviews yesterday - 143
Pageviews last month - 4,006
Pageviews all time history - Unknown (Blogger only recently started tracking page views)

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