Monday, December 6, 2010

I Miss Poop Camp!


I seriously miss poop camp!
Yes Its a camp about poop!
It can't get much better!
So I am going to tell you all another Poop Camp Story!

So this one time at poop camp... Yes I know they all start this way, its kinda the way its gotta be!

So as I was saying...
This one time at Poop camp there was this boy. This boys name was Ginger. Ginger did not have any pooping skillz, he was a very bad pooper, and to make it all worse he had no soul. All the "cool" kids at poop camp made fun of him, he was the social outcast because he was not a very good pooper. All the kids would call him names like "Souless-Poo" or say that he pooped out his soul! This made Ginger a very, VERY sad Ginger. So sad that one day at poop camp Ginger stole the camp shot gun and started shooting trees. Ginger wouldn't shoot people. So as Ginger was walking through the forest shoot random trees he met a bear! Now most kids in the situation would run, but Ginger had nothing to live for because he could not poop very well, so he started to talk to the bear. Now the twist to this story is that the Bear started talking to Ginger. So after a good long talk Ginger and the Bear became good friends and the bear, who just happened to be and expert pooper(Have you ever seen a bear poop? Majestical!) and this bear taught Ginger how to be the best Pooper of the year at poop camp! And ever year after that Ginger was known as the cool kid, He even dyed his hair black and bought a "Pre-Blessed Artificial Soul" so now he is even ALMOST a real person!

And they all lived happily ever after!


If you guys have any good Poop Camp stories please Tell me! :D

Nolan Out!

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