Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm back!

So after a prolonged absence I have decided that I really should post. I would just like to begin with a funny little story. 

My mom, Grandma and I were in the car and they decided that they needed something at the store. My mom said, "I'll hurry", and then ran into the store. Quickly she came out of the store and got back into the car. "Was that fast enough?" she asked. The funny thing is that she couldn't find the gear shifter or clutch of our standard car. The mats were different and the seat was in a different position. This is when my mom looked over at my grandma. Some guy, who was sitting in the passenger's said, " That was fast enough but you're in the wrong car." It was quite funny. 

Anyway these days I've been spending way too much time on homework rather than on more important things such as this blog. :P but with the Christmas break coming ya'll can expect some more potato gun videos as well as possibly something more explosive. :D

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