Friday, December 17, 2010

Live from the Underground I arise from the dead!

Coming to you live from The Underground is everybody's favorite long lost blogger... No! Not Abe Lincoln! It is I, Mike Daoust, returning from my Exam induced Grave to let you all know that, yes, I do exist, and No, you aren't about to spontaneously combust from sheer excitement at my return no matter how worried you might be about it.

So a word from my personal life before I delve into some blog related issues...
I failed Calculus and Discreet Math this year... I'm still trying to figure out how to recover from that both next semester, and the year coming.
I never imagined University to be so harsh, but it really is... People who are far smarter then me are dropping out all the time.

But I intend to graduate... Might be a bit more then 4 years at this rate, but eventually I want to get that degree.

Right! Moving along to other matters... The Blog is going into overdrive now as we get everything set up for Awesome week... And were also getting a big equipment and tech upgrade in the form of Christmas! Santa appreciates the blog too!

Well thanks for taking the time to read this far loyal underling. As a reward, I will treat you to a small tidbit of info that not even the other bloggers know yet...
Next Tuesday... A new Blogger will be posting! It's exciting stuff... I'll tell you all this much: You know him well!

Later Plebians!

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