Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Movie Trifecta

Do Double Rainbows ever get old... I THINK NOT!

So in the last three days I have gone to the movies three times
Yes that is right three times!
I am lacking a life THAT much!

I watched Faster on Sunday.
Staring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
That man is a big man!
And that is an understatement!
It was a good movie
But surprisingly it kinda lacked the amount of action I was hoping for.
In the Words of Sam Desrosiers:
"it was a movie with action in it. Not an action movie"
And really there is no better way to explain it.
He killed some people.
There were nice cars.

It was Good!

On Monday I watched Unstoppable
It was Zach's(My Brothers) birthday party
When it was over we all went and saw Unstoppable
It was a FANTASTIC movie!
It was about trains.
It is like Thomas the Tank Engine for grown ups
It was funny
It was intense
It had explosions
It had Guns
It had a Red Neck
And if thats not enough its based on a true story!
So if you haven't already...
Now Go Right Now And watch this movie!
This is an order
Not an option!

Cheap Night, Or as some call it, Tuesday I went and saw Tangled
I went and saw a Kids movie?
I don't ever wanna grow up!
This movie was funny, Cleaver, Awesome!
I don't know what else to say about it!
and you should all go and see it!
I don't care how old you are
Or if you think you are "To Cool" for Animation
This Movie was GREAT!
5 Outta 5 stars!

I have news!
Green Screen...
Ohh Yeah!
Thats Right!
Its like super awesome!
Like A green screen of super awesomeness!

On another note they have started playing Christmas music at work
Yes I am not a fan of Christmas music
And by not a fan I mean it should only be played on about 3 days of the year
Christmas Eve
Boxing day
But some of you like it
And if you really like it then I guess you could listen to it for 1 week
And thats the week of Christmas
No more!

But I do have a confession to make!
I like this Christmas song
Click Here

Opps! I mean this one
Click Here!
Actually I like most of the Christmas songs by Relient K

Other then That!
Nolan Out!

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