Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Old News

I had been thinking of posting this for some time now. It's a pretty strange story. Anyway way back on June 3rd, 2009, I decided to go on an over-night camping trip in the bush near my house. This is back when I was home schooled. :P So the plan was to spend one night in preparation for a longer trip. The idea was to sort of copy Survivor Man so fortunately I filmed it all. After building a little shelter I went looking for firewood. Instead I found something much more interesting and I got a video of opening the box that contained it:
To make a long story short, my dad called the police and I lead an officer out there to look at it. They sent in the bomb squad or whatever it's called and took care of it. On June 5th, I phoned the Daily Press and the reporter Aaron Pickard went out there with me to look at it. He took some pictures and then we went back to my house. He interviewed me and I showed him the videos I got. The next day the story was on the cover of the weekend Daily Press on my birthday. You can read the story on their website. Another cool thing you may have noticed about the paper is that, coincidentally, Breanna Broughton and Brian Scott are also on the front page. I didn't know either of them at the time. The pictures above clockwise from the top left are: the trail leading to the site, the police officer, a pillow pack of explosives, and me at the spot where I found them.

To my knowledge the police have not given any information about who placed it there or how long it sat there. One can only speculate. Perhaps it has some connection to the large stash of weapons found in South Porcupine? Most likely not, but either way, this is one of my all-time favorite stories. And just incase you're wondering, NO I did not keep any of it!!!