Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waiting Game

So as I sit here
I'm waiting for my next video to upload
Gosh! Why does YouTube take so long
They should make it faster
So that I don't have to wait all night
for it to go live!

So the other day Ben wanted me to make a Poop Camp Story using the moon

Poop Camp Story time!
So this one time at poop camp there was a boy named Bungee. All of Bungee's growing up years he always wanted to be an astronaut and to explore other plants and such, the moon to be exact. But he didn't think he would ever get to go to the moon. He didn't have much money, the only thing he did have has an amazing bowel system! So one day he devised him self a plan that would be the envy of most any man. He bought a Space-Suit from Wal-Mart and then headed off to the washroom! After arriving he then farted such a big fart he blew himself to the moon! Bungee had now completed his childhood dream. 10 years later he opened up his very own poop camp and taught the kids who attended how to fart themselves to the moon and back. Evey one thought Bungee was the greatest. 5 years after starting his own Poop Camp he ended up winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Released 3 music albums, became the worlds riches man, and had a coffee with Chuck Norris, and built the 1st house on the moon!

Moral to this story is: Better The Bowel, Bigger the Benefits!

And just remember kids Pooping on the Wall is not cool!

Well thats all I got for now!
Tomorrow I will be posting a Video!

Nolan Out!

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