Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Word of the Day!

Okay guys I am here today
To Introduce to you
A new weekly series I will be starting!
Of the Written variety!


Once a Week I will be posting a new Word of the week.
I will also be using it in some sentences.
Which I will make from my Imagination.
I mean I need it to be creative some how.
No one wants just a Dictionary Definition.

SO basically
I was at work today and I heard a Co-Worker use this word.
I then burst into laughter!
I hope it makes you smile...
Like it made me smile!

So with out anymore random babbling
Nolan's Words of the Day!

"Really?! Her Insides Erupted?"
"Ouch! I just Erupted in the Washroom"
"If I work out anymore my Mussels are going to Erupt"
"Ohh! Im sorry did I interErupt you?"
"Nolan is just Erupting with Awesome"

This next part funnier is you keep in mind my sentences!

Dictionary Definitions:
  • To burst forth: Molten lava erupted from the top of the volcano.
  • To eject matter.
  • To break out of a pent-up state, usually in a sudden and violent manner: Words of anger erupted from her.
  • To break out in a skin rash: Hives erupted all over his face and hands.
  • To release violently; burst forth with: She erupted angry words.

Notice how both times it talks about being Angry
It uses Women as the example... Just sayin'
Now Go my Children and tell the world how to Erupt!

Nolan Out!

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